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political :
[+] serious ballot by Mithrandir

In retrospect, a lot of military insiders are saying that if the US had put more boots on the ground at the beginning of the Iraqi conflict, and had not disbanded the Iraqi army, they would have been able to control the insurgency before it expanded out of control. Likewise in Afghanistan, after 5 years the Taliban is regaining strength and influence over most of the country, and NATO troops are left struggling to maintain a semblance of control in the area. So the question remains, does the US have sufficient military power to fundamentally transform the regimes in the Middle East. And if it does, why has it done such a poor job in Iraq and Afghanistan?

The US does have the military power, but it is corrupt and incompetent
The US does have the military power, and it will prevail when its long term goals are met.
The US does not have the military power, but it doesn't want anybody to know
The US does not have the military power, but it doesn't know that itself

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