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[+] serious ballot by Searchlight

I have read todays arguments between 9/11 conspiracy theorists with a lot of interest. It seems that when a new 9/11 theorist comes along all the other theorists jump on him or her in the same way the Judean Peoples Front fought the Peoples Front of Judea. I completely agreed with GrassyKnoll on one point. He or she is exactly the same as the other nut fudge tinfoil hat conspiracy fools. You all use fake evidence cooked up by yourselves or created by other even more ridiculous "investigators". You all accuse each other or being each other. You all think the others are heretics from your one true faith. In short you have all the insecurities and maniacal tendencies of religious fundamentalists.

Grassy Knoll was right
No Lovelynice was right
Grassy Knoll is LovelyNice (have you ever watched "Fight Club"?)
I am Lovely Nice
Someone else is LovelyNice
I am the guy who blames Israel for everything
Searchlight is neothe1 AND jinn the Kafir
Searchlight wears the official issue box cutter tin foil hat
Searchlight never confronts the evidence (FEARS IT?)
Searchlight points his dim beam in ALL the wrong places!
WTC 7 was also demolished by explosives - FACT
Beauregard is Searchlight- he prefers personal attacks to debate
Lovelynice is about 5 other users. A fake and a shill
Beauregard/ Searchlight isn't fit to carry Lovely's luggage
Lovelynice is making Alex Jones very wealthy
I don't understand this ballot
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