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what if :
[+] ballot by Colin_B

Which of these things would most likely send you into a berserk rage?

Your mother has thrown out all your pokemon cards when she was cleaning.
Your break both your leg bones because your nutty roommate smeared butter on the stairs as a prank.
Your computer illeterate sister accidently erased your computer's hard drive when she was on it.
Your pet cat/dog was run over by the local teenaged, irresponsible lead-foot.
Your son has woken you up for the 10th time by playing his stereo beyond a sensible level at 2AM.
Your co-worker says that your religion is nothing more that a cult for weak-minded, stupid sheep.
You discover that your wife/husband has been sleeping with your best friend.
Your ex-boy/girlfriend is spreading rumours that you broke up because you are gay.
The grave of your mother who died of cancer was spray painted and knocked over by the local vandal.

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