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worst : beauty fashion :
[+] serious ballot by ira_lee_pistimov

This list was taken from a list of the "25 ugliest male celebrities" generated by 5nbci out of Dallas. I don't give any other choices, because it's a somewhat serious ballot. You may think there are uglier celebrities. I may agree with you; but, given their list of 25 to choose from, I chose nine. Help me select the ugliest of them. I also left 5nbci's first pick--Gilbert Gottfried--out of the running as I thought it would be unfair to the others. Who is the most unsexy man on this list?

Alan Colmes
Malcolm Gladwell
Carrot Top
Jon Lovitz
Michael Jackson
Don Imus
Jay Leno
Osama bin Laden
Randy Johnson

Ballot #104916 : SEE RESULTS

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