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[+] serious ballot by blackcat06


RACIAL PREJUDICE is a major cause of annoyance, irritation and frustration, and in many cases, it can cause a great deal of resentment and strained relations, forcing the "superior minded" group to ignore, avoid, belittle and disadvantage those people who are considered to be from the minority group... even to the point of denying them recognition for great acheivements, well-deserved promotions and the same opportunities that people from their supposedly "superior race" enjoy and take for granted.

I want hear all about your stories of racial discrimination or hatred, with clear, factual examples of how racist people have treated you and how it made you feel. Please tell all the details but don't include the names of real people (Just use nick names or something that cannot be used to identify real people).

I want all people to see the harmful and emotionally damaging effects of racism, segregation, apartheid, racial discrimination and racial favouratism.

Please vote for which "race" of people have cause you the most grief when it comes to discrimination, and let us know the shocking details and facts of bad experiences that happened to you. I am writing a research paper on this topic and would like to know all the different ways in which you have been:

1. Disadvantaged, eg. overlooked for promotion
2. Put-down, insulted, harassed, offended
3. Ignored, avoided, treated like an outcast
4. Not being given due credit, work being stolen
5. Attacked, violently beaten, eg. kicked in the face just for tackling a person in a game of rugby, which is part of the rules of the game.


Actually, all of the above has happened to me, and most of the above happens to me on a weekly basis here in Australia. I'd like to also know what part of the world you live in too...

Caucasians ("whites" of European origin with pointy noses and pale or pink skin)
Brown skinned people ("Blacks" of African origin, Aborigines, Islanders, Polynesians, Indians)
Asians (Chinese, Japanese, black haired slopey eyed people from around South Eash Asia)
Middle-Eastern people ("Arabs", usually with dark skin, dark hair, usually Muslims)
Hispanics (Latinos, Mexicans, South Americans)

Ballot #110739 : SEE RESULTS

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