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[+] serious ballot by winston

Oliver Cromwell was the Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland, who won the English civil war against the royalists. He was also a fierce puritan who banned fun activities such as football.

Some see Cromwell as a hero, (he was voted tenth greatest Briton of all time) where others see him as a cruel dictator who was a complete hypocrite, for example he ended up having more power than Charles the first, the man he beheaded in order to free England of tyranny.

My grandparents are from Drogheda in Ireland, and they are certain that Cromwell nailed babies to the doors of churches when he invaded. They and my mother think that Cromwell was an evil dictator. My father on the other hand admires Cromwell for his military skills and for his role in revolutionising armies.

So who is right, was Cromwell an evil dictator, or was he a hero?

Evil dictator
Total NutJob: but smart
flawed but almost a hero
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