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[+] ballot by RobinGaylord

Many European countries have outlawed holocaust denial. My friend thinks this is a good idea and that America should have similar laws. I disagree.
Years ago Harpers magazine did a study masquerading as "scientific" that claimed that Irish people and Africans were nearly racially identical and that it's a wonder both hadn't gone extinct. The article was pure racism and nowadays I have no doubt that a story like that would never see the light of day and that even if a reporter was dumb enough to write something like that his/her credibility would be forever lost. I think that America's current attitude toward this type of "reporting" reflects how much more enlightened an age we live in. And I don't want the one reason no one writes that the holocaust never happened to be because it's illegal and not because it's just so abundantly clear and documented that it did happen and anyone claiming otherwise is just blinded by their own racism. You can't always depend on public opinion to regulate morality fairly but if you don't give it a chance you are giving up faith in humanity and if you don't have that I don't see much point in living.

Should holocaust denial be illegal?


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