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[+] serious ballot by Searchlight

Whenever I am asked to consider the merits of a conspiracy theory I try to estimate the number of people who would have to complicit in the "big lie" for it to work. Just looking at one aspect of 9/11, the cell phone calls from Flight 93 raises some interesting questions. It has been stated that due to the speed and the altitude of the airliners cell phone calls would be impractical. Now, lets remember that dozens of people recieved these calls and some of the calls were made via the airliners own internal phone system. One of the passengers could only get through to the customer services department because his credit card was not accepted so make no mistake there were some phone calls made from the flight. The argument about the speed of the airliner making the calls impossible is questionable. Instead of the plane switching through cells too quickly for the call to connect the cell phone could have simultaneously connected to many cells. This is not impossible nor is it impossible to use a phone at altitude. There are business people who have stated that they have done precisely that. Other people have stated that they have left their cell phones on during flights and that the phone has logged different time zones and different phone companies accessing it. So to summarise. 1) There are dozens, maybe hundreds of people who received calls from the 9/11 hijacked planes. If this is a lie then they are ALL in on it and they not only conspired to tell lies about phone calls but they conspired to kill off their own family members. All of them. And nobody has gone to the press with the truth. Right. 2) Some of these calls came via the planes own internal phone system so some of the calls are genuine. If some of the calls are genuine it is a but stupid to raise theoretical arguments about the remaining calls. 3) In some peoples experience it is possible but inadvisable to use a mobile phone but I guess they are "in on it" as well.

Yes - Cell phone calls from airliners are technically possible
No - They are all liars! liars! liars!
This has been possible for ten years
No, cellphone calls are not possible and you are mixing up with airfones
Why don't you try out instead of babble endlessy?
9/11 cell phone calls, and paragraphs, do not exist.
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