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[+] ballot by Grapost

Jews Are Greedy
Blacks Are Lazy
The Polish Are Dumb
Italians Are Criminals
Most Mexicans Are Illegal
Arabs Are Terrorists
White People Are Racists
Latinos Are Dumb And Lazy
The Irish Are Drunks
The French Are Snobs
Canadians Are Boring
U.S. Southerners Are Dumb
Women Are Overly
Women Are Overly Emotional
All Politicians Are Crooks
Men Are All Jerks
Pot Smokers Are Losers
Fat People Are Stupid And Lazy
Lawyers Are All Crooks
Blondes Have More Fun
The English Have Bad Teeth
Most Catholic Priests Are Gay
Americans Are Arrogant
Women Are Lousy Drivers
The News Media Has A Liberal Bias
Indians All Work For 7 Eleven
Koreans & Chinese Work At Dry Cleaners
Left Handed People Are Eccentric
Black Women Have To Many Kids And Live On Welfare
Minorites Commit Most Of The Street Crimes In USA
Stupid people fight a lot
Neocons are cowards
Americans are mostly fat
Rich People Are Cheap
Pit Bulls Are Vicious Dogs
There is some truth in some stereotypes
dry cleaners workers are almost always Asian (a crucial distinction from a similar post above)
Black People are racist
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