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How does Discuss Script work?
It will work like any collaboration/group script with couple of significant differences.
First, it has a tree structure that is REVERSEABLE, meaning the you can have more than 1 parent categories.
Each category (group) can have subgroups, and permission will inherit from its first parent.
It has completely free structure, meaning you can create categories anywhere, and the message count will be the only factor in its survival - those groups without members will wither and die, and those with active memberships will survive and thrive.
Each Category can have multiple topics of discussion, and people can comment on each topic, and the comment will be displayed most recent ones first.
Each Group/Category can have an owner, who can choose to open the discussion to public, or keep it closed to members only.

the category structure is based on DMOZ structure tree, and while I am starting without any category, it will soon add over 100k categories, and the database content will be shared with other websites, and they can publish the branches that they find relevant to their own site.

many other features (private group discussion, invite, tags, collaboration key, linking/delinking,etc) will soon be added.

Comments welcome.

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