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Main FAQ : FAQ

intro faq - first faq written

new user faq - written by ThisIsNate

credits faq - who made this site possible?

dots faq - what are all those little dots for?

karma faq - how karma works, and what it's for

news faq - new features and fixes. Read for the latest news.

accenter faq - you can accent your entry.

smiles faq - emoticon faq

maintainer faq - if you are a maintainer, this page is a must.

terms faq - terms of use

privacy faq - how your information is treated here

Need to comment? Need to question?

Bug report - something is broken? let us know, and we will get to it asap.

Send us your pix - send LCD a picture, we will rotate it on the front page! Be famous, just for holding up a sign that says!

contactme - send questions and comments to

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