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which state has the friendliest people?

There isn't one 15%
Texas (the Lone Star State) 11%
South Carolina 10%
Tennessee 9%
Ohio 6%
Oklahoma 5%
Alabama 4%
California 4%
North Carolina 4%
Iowa 4%
Georgia 3%
New York 3%
Pennsylvania 3%
New Mexico 2%
Arkansas 1%
Arizona 1%
Delaware 1%
hawaii 1%
Mississippi <1%
kentucky <1%
Wyoming <1%
Indiana 0%
Missouri 0%
Louisiana 0%
vermont 0%
oregon 0%

Ballot #119423: has 234 total votes.
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Voted : Delaware
I passed through twice, one on a Trailways bus and once driving, and the folks there always made me feel at home. South Carolina was a close second.

Voted : Tennessee
I only traveled through these states briefly, but I've had very positive experiences in both Kentucky and Tennesee.
Though i loved New York it wasnt the friendliest. North Carolina was great for hospitality though.
Didn't think any state in the Deviled Deep South would qualify. Sick of seeing my black friends treated like crap in the twangy twangy hill billy South.
Voted : Oklahoma
but Texas rank a close second.
Voted : Texas (the Lone Star State)
Definitely not Utah, we have a bunch of stuck-up people. No fun.
Hey! If you don'tt like New York, you can go and uk yourself, huh?
Voted : Ohio
Texas is horrible. If your not from Texas they think of you as, and treat you like sh*t. We should fence it off from the rest of the country and use it as a giant prison. It's already full of criminals. I was relocated to Houston (by my employer) I've only been here for 11 months and have been robbed 3 times!!!

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