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[+] ballot by Hitler_himself_for_u

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LCD : on Oct 08, 2014 because The nigger countries.

English 453
Any African or Arab country 285
India 234
Germany 221
USA 214
China 155
Ethiopia 142
none of these countries 127
Pakistan 116
greek 113
Turkey! 110
None of them. You can find pretty women in any of them. 109
Philipines 96
Albania 94
Spain 82
Kenya 75
Korea 66
mexico 62
Japan 56
Israel 54
Bolivia 51
Russia 49
Iran 46
USA and Germany 44
Sweden 37
Indonesia 33
Romania 33
France 30
italy 28
Canada 24
Finland 23
Belgium 20
netherlands 15
Argentina 15

Ballot #15035: has 3427 total votes.
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hmm ugliest depends what you like id say Zimbabwe or some african country one most are starving so doubt alot of them have good looks.
America has the highest rate of obeisity in the world. Harpoon that whale!!!!
America has the highest rate of obesity in the world, giving it the most fat bitches. Harpoon that whale!!!!
yes i agree, english - there snobs and greek they have huge noses
I've seen hot women from all these choices so I would not be able to pick one.
british i think, they look kinda horsey
i think indaian an aarab women r beautiful, an thas frm a woman's point of view, they have very exotic looks
English are ...I mean they are not the prettiest but not the ugliest either.
This is post is ridiculous. There are mingers everywhere on the globe. I went to New York over the New Year and I was getting a bit ratty at the fact that people were trying to flirt with my gal, and she is english, very attractive gal that would turn every guys head. There are loads in England so basically this post is a pile of shit. Greek women are nice...until they reach their 30s, the sun damages their skin

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