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[+] ballot by theshift

ESPN Radio has many good shows...I do an internet sports-talk show myself, besides my podcast...has Mike and Mike run it's sports-talk radio the future or is it dying?

It's all good
It's dying
Internet radio will overtake regular radio
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Submitted by : theshift
Submitted on : Oct 25,2006 7:39:46 pm
ballot title:

Has Mike and Mike in the morning on ESPN RADIO run it's course?

ballot number:104117
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Voted : It's all good
I don't know actually, but my husband told me to say Tony Kornheiser is the best, he listens to him all the time.
by Jyl [+]

Voted : It's dying
It was dead the day after it started, if you ask me. Being able to stare at it on ESPN2 only made the horror more visceral.
Voted : It's dying
I've never been a fan of Greenburg. Seeing that show cemented it for me.

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