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Jonathan Edington has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Barry James, is it possible for him to be acquitted of murder charges?

BRIDGEPORT Fairfield police have been unable to corroborate claims Barry James molested the 2-year-old daughter of the man charged with stabbing James to death, the area's top prosecutor said Tuesday. Jonathon Edington, 29, is charged with murder and first-degree burglary in James' stabbing death on Aug. 28.

Edington, a patent lawyer, is accused of stabbing the 59-year-old James more than a dozen times in the bedroom of James' home at 101 Colony St. after Edington's wife, Christina, who was on vacation in Rhode Island, reportedly called her husband and said James had molested their 2-year-old daughter.

"They have found no evidence to support what the wife told them," State's Attorney Jonathan Benedict said.

Benedict would not comment on whether Christina Edington might be charged with filing a false police report. "The whole case is still under investigation by the Fairfield police," he said.

Police said they found Edington, who is free on $1 million bond, washing off blood in his kitchen sink shortly after the stabbing. Edington's lawyer, Andrew Bowman, could not be reached for comment.

Richard T. Meehan, who represents the James family, said they intend to file a wrongful death lawsuit against Edington within the next four weeks.

"The James family not only fully cooperated with police but voluntarily opened their whole house to police to do a complete search for any evidence, but police found nothing that would fit the profile of someone who would do the activity Mrs. Edington has accused Barry James of," he said. "The real mystery here is why this woman would make these allegations."
Meehan said James suffered nerve damage to his legs which made it difficult for him to climb stairs, meaning it would have been nearly impossible for him to crawl through a window more than 4 feet off the ground to get into the girl's room in the Edington home.

Police said the victim's mother told them she was in her kitchen when she heard an argument going on in her son's bedroom. She said she got to her son's room in time to see a man climb into her son's room through the window, push her son to the floor and repeatedly stab him in the chest. According to police, the mother said the man then got up and jumped onto the victim's bed and out the window. She said she saw the man running to the house next door.

Police said it was minutes between the time Edington got off the phone with his wife and charged through James' window with a kitchen knife in his hand.

Yes,temporary insanity
No, because it's still murder no matter what he thought
Maybe, because his reaction was understandable
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Submitted by : FreeRadical
Submitted on : Oct 30,2006 12:27:16 pm
ballot title:

Can Jonathan Edington Be Acquitted For Murder of Suspected Molester?

ballot number:104349
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Voted : No, because it's still murder no matter what he thought
Don't get me started on the "temporary insanity" BS...
If he really felt as though a crime was being committed, he should've called the police and let tings proceed. Personally, I'd look at the missus for insanity.
Voted : No, because it's still murder no matter what he thought
murder is murder, no matter wha6t the reason was .
Voted : Manslaughter
It's not insanity but revenge but give him manslaughter, but the girl may as well be dead as well because her mind is now focused for the rest of her life on the event that took place!

If someone did this to my kids i'm sure many people would *insert here*
These molesters need a good role model. This molester is a GREAT one! He's dead

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