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Here is a single image random dot stereograph picture...can you see the "hidden image(s) in this picture ? Hint: for "beginners, put your nose on the picture and slowly move back until you see the picture...It's sort of like looking through the picture...once you see an image, focus on it and slowly move back to view the whole picture. Good luck !!! What do you see ?
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Two birds
A turtle and a rabbit
A pony and a rider with lasso
Two seahorses and a starfish
Two cats and a mouse
I can't see image(s)

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Submitted by : thesoothsayer
Submitted on : Apr 18,2007 11:50:24 pm
ballot title:

3D Picture: Can You See The "Magic Eye" Image ?

ballot number:114106
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Voted : Two seahorses and a starfish
Very nice, used to have one of them as my user picture. They were really fashionable at one point, thats the first one I've seen in years though.
I should be able to figure things like this out, but after years of trying I still don't get it.
This was a good one. Usually they include too many details that muddle everything, but this one was pretty clear. Starfish is still kinda hard to pick out in between the two seahorses, but w/e.
Lol. If you cross your eyes a little more you can actually make a different image other than the seahorse image. Looks like a longer tailed seahorse eating huge cheetos.
Voted : I can't see image(s)
I'm horrible at these things, i am so jealous of all of you that can!
I'm trying to see the seahorses and stuff but i'm falling asleep staring at it. I took a couple xanax and it's like WOA.

I really want to see the seahorse eating a cheeto though, lol

Wish they would help me go to sleep too :(
*hands you a Xanax* But beware, you may not wake up till the day after next
You know if i had a stalker peeking through my window they would wonder WHAT i was doing right now. I have my nose up against the screen trying to do this! One thing for sure they wouldn't break into this loony bins house!
OMG i did it!!!! I DD IT *dances*

It isn't eating a cheeto, the one in the middle is a perfect starfish, but the seahorses really have big butts

Ok i really need sleep after all that hard work, lol

When the fuck am I going to see the seahorses god effin dammit?!?!
You will only see the "cheeto" image that I made up if you kinda... overdo it. Meaning if you use the cross you eyes method, you have to kinda cross them too far and it will result in a second image.
Voted : I can't see image(s)
I've never been able to resolve these things. Must be that half-Grey DNA.
it took a little while - but then suddenly they were there. It's so cool - how does the brain manage to do these things???
Voted : Two seahorses and a starfish
Seahorses and starfish. When I look at these things, I can instantaneously see images, but I seldom can recognize what they are. I hope I'm right this time.
Voted : Two seahorses and a starfish
Voted : Two seahorses and a starfish
Voted : Two seahorses and a starfish

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