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There are a lot of things that make life bearable , Automobiles air conditioning ,etc ,etc,What's the greatest ever?

The printing press. (education for the masses.)
The automobile. (cant live without it.)
Air conditioning.(especially in Florida.)
The Pill. (gives Women freedom.)
The computer.(where would we be without it.!)
Movies , Television. (entertainment.)
Modern medicine.
modern agriculture.(Better food, killer weed!)
All technology.
The Wheel
Breast Implants
Barbequed Chicken Wings
video games
sliced bread
your mom
atomic bomb
Drugs (i mean DOPE)
either electric garage door opener or ice machine
Drive throughs
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Submitted by : maxxman
Submitted on : Jan 12,2004 7:52:41 am
ballot title:

What is the single greatest invention in the world ever?

ballot number:12880
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Tsai-Lun, the inventor of paper, is the seventh most influential figure of history (according to Michael H. Hart), after Muhammad, Newton, Jesus, Buddha, Confucius and St. Paul.
Its a tossup bewtween hookers and jew-killing gas chambers
toilet paper
birth control pill
Torn between the printing press and the automoblie, As it was Mr Ford who lay the foundations for mass produsction, the impact of which is all around
electrcity wasn't invented, it just exsists, Einstein

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