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[+] serious ballot by scotchierules

Should he be forgiven by the people by whom the priests under his rule have abused over the years?

forgive & forget
Not certain
forgive but never forget
punish than forgive
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Submitted by : scotchierules
Submitted on : Jun 11,2010 9:55:19 am
ballot title:

The Pope today has begged for forgiveness.

ballot number:137589
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Voted : punish than forgive
not else there is no intensive to stop (as we've seen in the past).
^ or else
Voted : punish than forgive
Is this the pope that was an Arayan youth?Didnt he pay off the molested & transfer the molesters to new places?
I'm not the one he should be begging forgiveness from. Its up to the victims. Knowing several holocaust survivors I'd think some will forgive the church, while others will never do so. And until I've been in their shoes I can't critize either decision. Really the only wrong decision here is that of the vatican's initial approach to it; and the pope himself was one of those individuals in the church who abused their power by going along with the initial approach when they knew it was illegal. He should resign and serve time in every country where offenses took place in where he knowingly swept the reports and or evidence of the offense under the rug; he is also guilty of wrongful and or reckless endangerment stemming from his choices, that he made in his previous occupations in the church, to move catholic officials accused of, or suspected of, such offenses to other houses of worship where said officials may or may not have engaged in new offenses similar, if not the same, to previous offenses the church, and specifically, the pope, suspected the said officials of originally engaging in the first house of worship they were transferred from. Not only should he serve time for that charge as well, but he is civilly liable for both pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages of the victims;; said damages stemming from all offenses listed in where the pope didn't bother to, or flat out refused to take appropriate action against church officials suspected of or accussed of engaging in all offenses listed, and the church itself is vicariously liable as well.

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