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No big deal

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Submitted by : Luigi
Submitted on : Feb 24,2012 2:34:57 pm
ballot title:

What are your thoughts about someone who defaces the Koran or the Holy Bible?

ballot number:140046
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Voted : No big deal
Koran, Bible are the word of God. The same bs god who tells us that the sun moves around the earth, rain is god's creation, the universe is created in 6 days...

Having said that, I won't desecrate any such book out of pity for the wretched believers. But then I won't run around rioting if that happens.

I think it's a crummy thing to do, but the sheer lunacy displayed in the riots over the burnings recently has made me was to wipe my arse with one pretty gosh damn bad.
Voted : No big deal
As long as it is THEIR property and not someone else's they have a right to do what they with it.
Voted : No big deal
The president embarrassed us all by apologizing to the Afghan government just because a few mass-produced korans were burned. He embarrassed us again for not demanding an apology from the very same government who was responsible for the deaths of two of our soldiers after the incident. If the rioting neanderthals in Afghanistan who killed and injured other innocent people had expressed their displeasure with the koran burnings in a polite and civilized manner, a mid-level bureaucrat from our embassy could have taken care of it quietly.
Well I suppose it makes about as much sense as defacing any other book; albeit its no reason to maim or kill.
Voted : Comment
Generally disrespectful, though it does depend on the context, intention, and milieu. Urinating on a bible in front of a church in a heavily Christian area is not the same as cutting one up in private for an art project. Regardless of one's personal beliefs, one cannot deny that for hundreds of millions of people, these are ancient, sacred, holy texts. Defacement tends to imply malice, so if it is committed with malicious intent it is impossible to condone. If it occurs through carelessness or without ill will, it's ultimately forgivable.
Personaly I think it denotes immaturity and ignorance. It's not the book specifically of issue but the act itself is a childish way of expressing oneself. As a crass, brazen taunt meant to tease and make fun of someone.

If you don't like the Bible, Qur'an, Dr. Suess, Larry King, you don't read it. Besides, if you destroy it it just gives them (any religion) all the more reason to print more.

When the devote react in wrath they offend both the rule and the letter of their faith, peace, love mercy, etc., Odd how so many can profess faith yet fail to abide in it.

Has everyone forgotten that it was the Muslim terrorists themselves who defaced the korans in the first place by writing coded messages (or maybe love notes)in them?
I don't see the point in doing such a thing.

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