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[+] joke ballot by Colin_B

What's your favourite Irate Black Guy quote?

There ain't no fuckin' drug dealer in this fuckin' house, ho!
All that yakking on the phone don't mean shit!
Don't call my motherfuckin' crib no more!
Bring any god damn artillery you need 'cause I got plenty.
You don't know me! I ain't no fuckin' Jew! I'm a black man, dick-sucker!
Hey, you get your brass balls and come up here shit suckin' asshole!
You gotta problem? Come get some, bitch!
I don't even know you, but I'll smoke yo ass!
You know somming'? You ain't gotting the keys to the gym, bitch!
Ha ha! Oh, here we go with that shit again. Who is this, now?

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Submitted by : Colin_B
Submitted on : Mar 10,2012 5:06:20 pm
ballot title:

What's your favourite Irate Black Guy quote?

ballot number:140069
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Yer not really Irish til you've fished with a leprechaun, mother fecker! :o)

Any there any left that Black Comedians haven't already used 100 times?
None of the Above

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