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[+] serious ballot by nuckinfutz

Please only consider people you know personally. And please don't say "nothing." :-)

We're financially dependent on someone
We have a crass sense of humor
We react strongly to things
We like animals
We are intense
We Work For The Federal Government
He dislikes me just as much.
We're both assholes
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Submitted by : nuckinfutz
Submitted on : May 21,2012 9:00:22 pm
ballot title:

What do you have in common with the person you dislike the most?

ballot number:140207
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Voted : He dislikes me just as much.
As his supervisor, he will always try to side step me, and my boss always tells him to see me.

It won't be long before they fire him. He was written up twice this week. And he took off one day... And oh yeah, we only work four days a week.

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