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Ok. I know that this question has been asked before on this site. But this time I want some SERIOUS comments.
I dont want no - "Oh! George Bush is the Antichrist!" Unless you have a very good reason for believing so.
Below are a few candidates that have been brought into question lately.
Some names might be suprising and even laughable, but some of the reasons put forward for these people have been quite convincing.

Javier Solana (EU)
Prince Charles
Prince William
Juan Carlos (King of Spain)
Osama bin Laden
Someone still unknown

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Submitted by : Bibbilix
Submitted on : Feb 02,2004 8:56:01 am
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ballot number:16424
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Is Javier Solana the Antichrist? Who knows?
However, for the first time that I know, a personality has appeared on the political scene in Europe who appears to be fulfilling the prophecies about the rise of the Antichrist.

Check out Fulfilledprophecy dot com

So when will Mabus enter Europe wearing a blue turban?
The whole Europe thing is to obvious. If you read the Bible you will see that they are describing the USA. The anti-christ will come to global power out of the USA which already has global power. He will be a future president of the united states. He will rise to power as one of the most beloved political figures ever and will only show his true colors once he has united the world in peace under a real global government. So far no one fits that bill. All polititians appear to suck and really do nothing to change anything for the better. In the next decade start looking for the emergence of a political figure in state/local government who attracts positive national attention. Be more aware when he runs for governor of his state or runs for the US Senate. Be pretty sure he is the Anti-Christ as he appears to clean up the government with creative solutions and amazing bi-partisanship. Know his true identity as he runs for the presidency in 2012 or beyond. Begin to think about finding a deserted island to flee to as all nations love him and the USA. Even the middle east. Thats when you know something is wrong when the middle east is down with us! When its seems like mankind has won and the planet is at peace and all seems right that is when all hell will break lose revelations style! Enjoy the locusts, bloody water, and lake of fire! Yah!
Why, Lucy of course. The anti-christ owns a teddy bear.
Gay Um Norton
Mr J.Christ
no one really knows. But read the bible it says the anti christ has to be a jew!
the Dutch Count Kolvenbach
I still think bush is the antichrist
ACLU and all of Holywood
Matt Damon all the way.
barry obuma

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