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Which would be worse?

videotape the service.
Race the hearse to the cemetery
Approach the widow / widower and ask for the fifty dollars the deceased owed you.
Climb on headstones to get a better view.
Ask the widow / widower on a date at the funeral home.
Remark that the deceased looks "way better than they ever did"
Make statements like "something seems fishy to me" or "I hope they did an autopsy.
Remove something from the coffin as a memento.
Ask about the "eats" the minute you arrive at the funeral home.
Ask if there's any booze.
Laugh, nonstop, uncontrollably.
ur mobile rings and u answer, chat & laugh loudly
Look for loose change in the deceased pockets
Try to cheer up the grieving with dirty jokes
Knock the casket over, then laugh hysterically
Bury the wrong person
Jump on top of the casket and do a striptease
Ask who did the deceased's hair & make-up
Come dressed as the Cryptkeeper
Hold forth about decomposition and blowflies
piss into the open grave
Applaud and shout "I'M GLAD THE JERK IS DEAD!"
Start eulogy with, "As beneficiary, I say NA-NAA!"
Climb into the casket with the deceased .
Ask the deceased for a light
jack off on the corpse
Do a number 2 in the open coffin
Look at his wife and say "He was so good at oral".
have sex with the corpse
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Submitted by : InternalColonel
Submitted on : Jun 29,2004 4:08:27 am
ballot title:

What would be the worst thing you could do at a funeral?

ballot number:39941
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Say "You know they touched that body up cause that shark has one of them legs"
Climb into the casket with the deceased and try to make out with the dead person.
stick you fingers up the deceased nose..y'know just to be sure ;)..failing that poking them with a stick haha hey come on you gotta poke dead things with a stick its practically the law!

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