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[+] ballot by figgytree

Really. Jesus was born to Mary, who was a Jewish; Jesus grew up in the Jewish faith; Jesus become a Rabbi; and when he went to preach to his congregation, he was preaching to Jewish people, and telling them he was there to help save them. I don't remember when he told them to stop being Jewish or they would go to hell, and I don't remember when he told people they had to be christians or they would go to hell. He was even place in the tomb according to Jewish protocol, before sunset, and before the Jewish sabath began. Since it's very obvious that Jesus lived his life as a devoute Jew, a Rabbi, and his folk were Jewish, and some of his Diciples converted to Judism so they could follow, and serve him, then doesn't it stand to reason that anyone who hates Jews is also hating Jesus Christ?

I Hate Jews, and Jesus
I love Jesus, but hate Jews
I'm very confused
I love Jesus, and Jews
Jesus is Jewish and hating Jews means hating Jesus

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Submitted by : figgytree
Submitted on : Jul 22,2004 12:59:59 am
ballot title:

Since Jesus is a Jew, If you hate Jews, do you automatically hate Jesus?

ballot number:43537
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Figgytree, don't you mean "why do jews hate non-jews so much"?
I don't know. I'm not Jewish.
Thats a good point and I'm pretty sure there was a bible verse where he said he wasnt here to change the Jewish law
Yes, the left "ACLU" hates Jesus and Jews.
Thats a good point Gallileo.
Christians practice forgiveness, we forgive those who killed Jesus.
I believe it was the Romans who killed him.

fagget tree how more of an asshole can you be than calling Christ Jewish??!!!!
Saka_Bow try reading your Bible instead of using to stash your weed and you'll see that Jesus was born a Jew and practiced Judism, Hence he is a JEW.
Jesus was an ISRAELITE, not a Jew you genius. Jews are not the best people there is. They're cowardly and greedy. Jesus was not like that.
If Jesus is God. He must not be a Jew.

God is a brilliant spirit. God is love, beauty, truth, justice.

God is above human race.
God has no race.

Jesus was not a JEW...Jesus was an ISRAELITE who came to save us from the SAtan worshipping JEWS...and JEWS killed him...don`t buy this bullshit by these filthy JEWS...that Jesus was a JEW...Jesus was anti_JEW= anti_Satan.
Jews are children of the devil who are here to Establish their father the SATAN in JErusalem and destroy everything good..and deliver the world to their father.

Jesus was a Jew. But what does that have to do with Christianity. It is possible to hate the Jews and be a good Christian. Read the Bible Christ hated some of the Jews, (pharises) and still started the best religion on the face of the Earth.
To all of you who keep claiming Jesus wasn't a Jew, why do you think his followers called him "rabbi"? A nickname? Why did he preach in synagogues? Why did the Jews let him? Why did he celebrate Passover?

Simple: he practiced Judaism, he was an Israelite, any way you look at it, he was Jewish!

Jesus was a homo too! :-p
Voted : I Hate Jews, and Jesus
jesus is gay!! has no dik!!
jesus is gay... has no dick!!!

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