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[+] joke ballot by Alien_Invader

This mystery has had me baffled for many years.

A hefty diet of steak , beans , eggs , onions and beer to produce huge volumes of propellant gases
He gulps in large volumes of air continually and expels it out from his butt at high velocity
He flaps his butt cheeks rapidly at high speed
It's a magnetism thing, maan!
He is jumping 'able to leap tall buildings' etc
squirming through an invisible wormhole
Irish-Scandinavian Coffee
He Controls His Bodies Energy Waves
Hamster wheel power
Diesel engine
Superman's dead
Special Effects !
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Submitted by : Alien_Invader
Submitted on : Jul 23,2004 11:15:07 am
ballot title:

How does SUPERMAN Propel himself through the sky when in flight?

ballot number:43749
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they call him alien_invader because he is an alien invader!
He produces antigravitons
I like the butt cheek flapping theory.
He's an "ass-blaster".
Anal flagulation
sheer determination!
Just be sure to avoid flying behind him.
just don't stand behind him at takeoff...
All matter including our bodies are made up of energy waves which are sewn onto the fabric of space. Supermans super brain allows him to control his own energy waves and move himself around in all 3 dimensions of space thereby making flight possible.
beans & cabbage
Batman just fires up the Batplane. That, I can understand.
and does he also have another pair of undies underneath the lycra?
There are many questions about this mysterious individual.Methinks a shock and awe email campaign to relevant authorities is long overdue

Superman is very fast.He could be flapping his arms and we wouldnt even see a blur.I'll go with

TIBETAN ACOUSTIC LEVITATION and the physics of vibration
" 'We know from the priests of the far east that they were able to lift heavy boulders up high mountains with the help of groups of various sounds...the knowledge of the various vibrations in the audio range demonstrates to a scientist of physics that a vibrating and condensed sound field can nullify the power of gravitation "

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