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[+] ballot by spanky

Everybody knows that we are sleeping with the devil when we buy oil from Saudi Arabia/Kuwait and the U.A.E. they are financing the deaths of our soldiers in Iraq. Would you pay more for gas CERTIFIED NOT FROM MIDDLE EAST? ie: in Govt. custody from extraction thru refining and end sale. assume that no-one cheats..

I would pay $3.00/gal
I would pay $4.00/gal
I would pay $4.50/gal
I dont care where my gas come from
I like to finance international terrorism
I wish I was Saudi Arabian
buy from Russia and support the war in Chechnya
Europe pays 6.50 and stays out of their politics
i already pay more than that.
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Submitted by : spanky
Submitted on : Oct 23,2004 4:36:25 pm
ballot title:

Would you be willing to pay $3.00/Gallon for gas certified to NOT come from the Middle East?

ballot number:56192
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If you buy Russian oil you can let them fight terrorism for you in Chechnya. How good is that? Shaweet!
Europeans have to pay 6.50 or higher for gas. The good part about it is that they stay out of middle east politics at the same time.
Weren't they the ones getting illegal oil deals with saddam in exchange for arms and a promise to veto the war in iraq? I'd say that constitutes getting involved in ME politics.
HERZOG, you score two "Spanky Points" for correctly identifying (1point), and bringing to light(1point), liberal_dimocrats' bullshid about european non-involvement in ME politix. p.s. does abetting nuclear warhead development constitute involvement in politics? if not, then the french are clear..god bless 'em!
Spanky: thanks.

LD, no response?

liberal_democrat pretends to know all, he reads one side of the story, usually the side that knocks anything american, one thing to have views, but he leans so far to kiss ass on this site.
We already do in Canada and its our own oil.
by ABC [+]

Voted : I would pay $3.00/gal
A bargain!

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