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[+] ballot by Grapost

I never buy Scout Cookies. I just make a donation to the Troop. The Troop only gets to keep 50 cents for each box sold. That means they have to sell 40 boxes of cookies at $3.00 apiece just to make $20.00. The other $2.50 goes to the Girl Scout Organization. Christ what does the organization DO that it needs so much money? 90 Percent of the girls activities are done at the Troup level. That's where the money should go. That's why I make A donation. That way 100% of the money goes to the Troup. The fat asses at the top a nickel of it. The Girl Scouts is just another scam where a small group of people have High Salary do nothing jobs paid for by exploiting children and thed public.

Not Sure
they are disgusting and taste like wax
they are but they taste so good
mmmmm, thin mints
these choices are disturbing
Im a girl scout and it is a rip off!
GS troops really need the monetary support from co
No! Is for a good cause, that's what matters!
only if they rub them on thier assholes first
Thin mints make a good Pap Smear
Girl Scout cookies made with REAL Girl Scouts!
The Girl Scouts need to defect to the Indian Princesses group instead.
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Submitted by : Grapost
Submitted on : Nov 22,2003 6:31:19 pm
ballot title:

Are Girl Scout Cookies A Rip Off?

ballot number:5847
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yes, they are rip offs, but when a little kid comes to your door, it's hard to say no. I never knew about $2.50 going to the "organization". Thanks for letting us know!
by LCD [+]

Hey Laura. Apparently you believe all the propaganda for Girl Scout management. The 70% you said goes to the "girls" and not the girls in the troop but the girls in management. Every troop I donated to told me the same thing. The troop and gets to keep 50 cents from each sale of a box of cookies. The other $2.50 is sent to Girl Scout headquarters. So where does the money go? I first became aware of this rip off after seeing a segment about this on 60 Minutes. I guess 60 minutes doesn't know what they're talking about. You're the one who doesn't know what your talking about.
Answer this question. 95 percent of the girls are at the troop level, so why does 75 percent of the money go to headquarters? What do the people at the top need all the money for? The actual Girl Scouts never benefit from this money. The troops even have to PAY to use Girl Scout owned camp grounds. Pay for their own transportation. Their own uniforms. What the hell does Headquarters pay for? Where does all this money go?
I just came across Girl Scouts selling cookies at the Super Market. The Troup Leader told me the price of the cookies went up 50 cents, and the troop gets to keep 2 cents of that. So now the Troop get 52 cents for each box they sell. How do you spell RIP OFF!
The Girl Scouts are EXPLOITING child labor so their leaders can get rich! What the hell does Headquarters spend all the money on? The kids see hardly any of it. It looks like the Girl Scouts is just a front for more WHITE COLLAR CRIME!

That's just LOW, man. I'm saddened to say that I agree with Grapost. That does seem like exploitation of child labor to me.
If I were a troop leader, I would get the girls in each troop to BAKE THEIR OWN COOKIES! Put them in plastic bags and sell them INSTEAD of the other cookies. Then all the profits would be keep by the troops. As far as I know, there is nothing in the Girl Scout rules that prevent them from doing this. Screw Headquarters and beat them at their own game.
Voted : No
50 cents on $3 is a 16.6% profit which is reasonable. The Girl Scout Organization doesn't receive $2.50 profit, they still have to pay for the cookies and shipping of the cookies outof that $2.50. The organization needs money to support personnel who provide programming, organization, training, and advancement support
Voted : Im a girl scout and it is a rip off!
my wife is a scout leader
we have put in our own money which we will never get back because the Girl Scout Organization keeps such a high percentage of the money. that her troop can't make enough back to reimburse us. the description in this survey says that they donate to the troop, well that doesnt work because the troop has to turn in the donations they receive and only get to keep a small percentage of that for the troop. not matter how you go about it the girls get to keep hardly anything that they work for. the ladies at the goshen indiana office don't even know what they are doing. every time my wife calls there to ask a question they can't answer/help her. they refer her to another troop leader and that troop leader is a volunteer which means she doesn't get compensated for doing what the ladies at the office can't do even though they are the ones drawing a paycheck. i am so mad that girl scouts is taking advantage of the voluntary troop leaders and children

Now the girls are required to do other fundraising as well, magazine subscriptions, nuts and other products. The troops *must* participate in this fundraising if they wish to do any fundraising of their own (such as breakfasts, suppers, car washes, or bake sales)
This is what the troop leaders were told this year when presented with the new fundraising packets.
Girls must pay yearly dues, they pay for their own sash or uniform, and patches, they pay for half the cost of outings and activities, sleepovers and camp. The troop fund covers the other half of the expense for outings and activities. Financial Aid *is* available for girls who can't afford the expenses incurred, which is nice. Girl Scouts is also a non-profit organization, so they are exempt from many taxes.

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