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World leaders come and go. Empires collapse and are Forgotten. The ones that are remembered are usually very good or Evil Ghandi , Franklin Delano ,Roosevelt , and Martin Luther King were basically good. Unfortunately The world has seen a large number of Despots and has suffered under their rule. Choose one here or submit your own choice. My personal choice is Pol Pot , He led the Khmer Rhouge in cambodia and wiped out about 25% of the population of his own country in less than 5 years.

Pol Pot
Adolf Hitler
Joseph Stalin
All the "Roman Caesars"
Napolean Bonaparte.
Idi Amin of Uganda
The South African government during "Apartheid"
George Bush
Ghengis Khan
Sam Walton founder of "Walmart"
The royal family of England.
Mid-Evil Popes (seriously)
The Presidents of the United States 1767-present
King Cao Cao of the Wei Dynasty
Sukharto of Indonesia
Mao Zedoung
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Submitted by : maxxman
Submitted on : Dec 04,2003 4:38:36 am
ballot title:

Who was the most Evil Tyrant to ever rule a Kingdom , Country , or Empire?

ballot number:7144
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"God save the Queen and her fascist regime."-Johnny Rotten the Sex Pistols.
Estimates of the number of "political enemies" Stalin eliminated run as high as 11 million. That must be a record.
I would say that Joseph Stalin was a bit more "evil" than Adolf Hitler in the sense that he killed three to four more times as many as Hitler. While Hitler killed roughly 6 million, Stalin supposedly massacred numbers ranging from 17 to 25 million.
Voted : George Bush
i would vote for bush
Adolf Hitler; Directly killed 6 million jews and another 6 million Slavics, Poles, Russians, Balkans, and Western Europeans in his camps and his extermination purges. He started a European War that claimed the lives of 54 million People. You cant blame him directly for his soldiers killing enemy soldiers. We only hold him responsible for killed 12 million innocent people in brutal concentration camps in under 4-5 years.

Joceph Stalin created famines that starved over 30 million people. He personally had 5-10 million people murdered by his secret police in a period spanning 30 years. So 40 million for him.

Mao Zedong killed 10 million people personally and starved 50-60 million of his people. He was leader of china and China as we know has a huge population. That is why the stats are so big. If we judged by kills then Mao would be number 1. If we judged by influcence it would be between Adolf Hitler and Joceph Stalin.

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