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[+] serious ballot by vitasveritas

RunsWithScissors [ballot]140110 refers to our relationship with ourselves. It reminded me of a fortune cookie which I read my last time at Panda Express... "a good friend is the best mirror" But what about the person who doesn't want to look at him/herself? Someone not comfortable with their own physical or--more importantly--personality attributes? People closest to us will "mirror" those back at us, just like the fortune cookie said. There was a time when I used to HATE looking in the mirror, but not anymore. During that time, as I reflect back on it, I also had a hard time being real with my friends. (we all have issues of some sort from time to time) My friendships were affected then by that dynamic, so I would have to answer yes at one time; but not so much anymore. What about you? Have you ever experienced this?

Yes, and I am currently experiencing it.
Yes, at one time, but not as much now.
No, I've never experienced this.
This is way too "up close and personal" for me to answer.
I have NO idea what the heck you're talking about.

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Yes, at one time, but not as much now.

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Yes, at one time, but not as much now.

This BALLOT CHOICE created by : vitasveritas
Submitted on : Apr 18,2012 10:45:42 pm

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