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[+] serious ballot by vitasveritas

Ok, here is the scenario: I started up a facebook account. I have a VERY large family, and they start contacting me, and vice-versa. All I do is I ask relative C about the whereabouts of relative M and to say hi to him/her for me. We were having a pleasant convo until that moment. The chat box goes dormant. Next thing I notice, relative C has "dropped" me as a friend... has anything like this ever happened to you? It doesn't even have to have happened on the internet.

Yes, some members of my family are every bit as anti-social.
No, that's never happened to me.
I hate Facebook and don't use it.

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I hate Facebook and don't use it.

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I hate Facebook and don't use it.

This BALLOT CHOICE created by : Felix
Submitted on : May 05,2012 7:16:33 am

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