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The Boy Scouts of America has policies which prohibit atheists and agnostics from membership in its Scouting program, and prohibit "avowed" homosexual people from leadership roles in its Scouting program as directly violating its fundamental principles and tenets. BSA has denied or revoked membership status or leadership positions of youths and adults for violation of these foundational principles.

As a Private Organization they can legally discriminate against whoever they choose to.

They refuse to allow Gay Men to join and eject any that are found to be Gay.

The vast majority of Gay Men are NOT pedophiles. The Scouts are overreacting and basing their policy on Bigotry and Sterotypes.

Should the Boy Scouts change it policy and allow Gey Men to join.

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Are you freaking crazy?
They can go join the Priesthood
The Policy is Bigoted long as they wear their designated armband
the Boy Scouts is for boys, not gay men

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This BALLOT CHOICE created by : TheAntidote
Submitted on : May 15,2012 2:25:20 pm

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