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[+] serious ballot by Steelhamster

General its loosest sense, I mean. I know some were given other ranks, but you get my meaning.

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well which general coordinated d-day? that would be what really turned the tide of the war, as anyone who knows history will attest.

entered by : Kev24
Submitted on : Jun 06,2006 6:14:24 am

In my opinion turned the course of the war.

The most intelligent was probably Rommel though.
Hmmm do you really believe that Eisenhower's impact was as influential as Zhukovs?
^Heroic and brave man, no question about it but he made some shocking tactical mistakes which cost thousands of lives.
(cont.) Moreover, it took him more than expected to get to Berlin. Yanks and Brits could have taken the city before the Red Army.
You like repeating my ballots don't you?? Of course yours is somehow different. ballot #91689 WHICH OF THESE WORLD WAR 2 GENERALS WAS THE BEST? Field Marshall or General. Best General or Field Marshal from a military perspective, not by what side they fought for.
Of course you would vote for Zhukov, he is a communist. Oh wait, USSR wasn't communist.
Influential would mean a change in tactics, but since you aren't voting this way, then it is a duplicate ballot.
Wow what a tirade, did you mother not make your sandwiches this morning?

Zhukov and thr Russians turned the course of the war, their politics are irrelevant.

But if you are just here to pour scorn on anything you think is even minor praise for a hero, then please feel free.

Incidently, he was hated by Stalin who considered having him bumped off a few times.

Silly boy!

Steel, you aren't a 12 year old new user. USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION!!


Behave yourself for goodness sake, there are many repeated ballots, noone really cares all that much, especially if the ballot is fairly old.
Thank you kindly for the -5 negative karma, Fiddle, nice to see my impressions of people are rarely wrong.

Someone find him a girlfriend please, its just sad.

I just checked out the ballot he refered to, guess what, he made a similar ballot.

Oh diddums did I steal some of your thunder?

Get over yourself, I have had many ballots appear that I similarly put up. If I gave negative karma every time I would be Johnny No mates like you Fid.

Negative karma for a ballot that is too similar?

Totally uncalled for temper tantrum.


I gotta agree here -- it happens. I've accidentally remade others' ballots, others have accidentally remade mine, and in one case (ballot #15963 and ballot #28330), I accidentally remade my own ballot.
Someone find him a girlfriend please, its just sad.

uhh dumbo, I'm gay.

Negative karma for a ballot that is too similar?

Totally uncalled for temper tantrum.

Pot calling the kettle black cranky.

What is sad is that you KEEP repeating my ballots and NOT ONCE do you even apologize for your PLAGERISM. NOT ONCE.

Are you even capable?

You start using search and stop repeating my ballots and you will be fine with me. You post your WHINE on here and neglect to mention that I rated you UP the other day when someone else gave you a -5.

Odd how you forget that.

well which general coordinated d-day? that would be what really turned the tide of the war, as anyone who knows history will attest.
Plagarism implies I knew that the ballot existed.

As for you sexuality, it is irrelevant, you still need a girlfriend, male or female.

Its immaterial if you gave me +5 before, your actions here were just an act of petulance.

I have many ballots remade by others, if I down rated them all it would just make me look as small as you.

'well which general coordinated d-day? that would be what really turned the tide of the war, as anyone who knows history will attest.'

I believe that was the much maligned Montgomery.

Monty is underrated and overly-criticised. I especially don't understand him being criticised for Market Garden, given that a) it was an American failure i.e. disclosure of intelligence meaning that on the first day of the attack rundstedt had our full battle order and tactics and that the 82nd and 101st failed to take all their objectives and b) that the Market Garden tactics are hailed as idiocy for their "pencil-like" thrust but Blitzkrieg which was essentially the same thing is hailed as German military genius, wrong on both counts as it was British, Basil Liddel Hart, and not genius. See Blitzkrieg has a weakness and it was seen by both Rommel at Arras and Monty in Market Garden.

yes anyways, Monty took on Rommel 5/6 times depending on your perspective and never lost, bearing in mind that 3 of those times he was actually outnumbered.

I wouldn't say anyone is largely responsible for the success of D-Day it was far too big for that but of the planning staff I agree that Monty was the most influential, he enlargened the plan from 1 airbourne army to 3 and 3 beaches to 5. Churchill being the other main party for his involvement in the Mulberry harbours and operation bodyguard.

HOWEVER I also believe the most influential was Zhukov as he was the most influential commander on the most influential front.

Zhukov turned the tide on the German onslaught and won the war for all of us.
Zhukov was the general who turned the tide on the Eastern front. All the others a small stuff.
The smartest Guy was Rommel. The best General was romel the one who had the biggest effect was Zhukov.
Montgomery was the first to see the Blitzkrieg weakness. The old man realized that the blitzkreig was so quick that it moved faster than the supplies could follow. With this he beat the Germans out of North Africa and actually Direcrlt saved the British Empire from becoming a Nazi occupied land. If Rommel succeded in Holding the Suez Canal then the British Empire would have starved without Indias flow of food and aid. With the British gone the germans might have beaten the Russians.

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