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[+] ballot by RockinInTheFreeWorld

Hypothetical scenario:

If a full scale war broke out between the major organized gangs of North America, who would be the victor? All Mafia families would ally together as would all biker gangs become allies, etc etc. Which would end up ruling all the "turf" in the end?
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LCD : on Oct 10, 2014 because The nigger gangs.

The Mafia
The Bikers
The Triads
The Tongs
Russian mafia
The Mossad
M13, or something like that
The Crips
La Mara Salvatrucha
The bloods
The freemasons
Aryan Brotherhood
20 DollaA RocK FleeT
The Republicans
The Mexican Mafia
The Jets
The IR
mongrel mob
The Hollwood producers and bigshots
The Bandito Motorcycle Gang
Hells Angels Motorcycle Club
The Taliban and other Muslim terrorist groups.
The Democrats
Communist Party
The Sharks

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Gang: A group of criminals or hoodlums who band together for mutual protection and profit.

entered by : dazzle
Submitted on : Jul 21,2006 12:43:38 pm

The RNC. They have better organization, more money, and are involved in more criminal undertakings.

Gang: A group of criminals or hoodlums who band together for mutual protection and profit.
MS13 the gang from El Salvadore is the most ruthless gang currently out and active.They have been known to use grenades on rival gangs.It don't get more badass than that.
MS-13 and the Crips are disorganised street gangs so I don't know what they're doing on the list.
^Disorganized? MS13 is running the streets of L.A and small suburban towns all over America.I would hardly call them disorganized.The Crips don't exist anymore so they shouldn't be on the list.
^They're certainly violent which is basically what you're saying, but they're still not organized.
I the mob taught us anything is that a strict organization structure makes it easier for the FBI to bust up the gang.That is why the FBI is having such a hard time stopping the Russian mafia because they don't have a hierarchy that can be attacked.
^Yeah but the Russians are still organized. They have the power, wealth, political influence and assassinations/bombings of VIP's on their resume that seperates them from street gangs like MS-13.

If you're gonna call MS-13 organized criminality, then you may as well apply that to all street gangs.

The difference between MS-13 and most other delinquent gangs is that they're much more violent, and are arguably the world's most violent street gang(s) currently. Particularly their appalling Honduran manifestation.

Tree Huggers
Voted : The Mafia
They scares the shit outta me.
Voted : The Mafia
ok, the crips do exist as well as the bloods. neither are organized but they do exist. the biker gangs are not organized unless you call hiting a man with a lead pipe in the face and going to jail organized. the most ruthless and organized gang is by far The Mafia, ok answer this would you rather be walking down the street and get blown into pieces by a grenade thrown from the MS-13, or be taken hostage and have to watch your mom your dad your wife your whole family die then you die by The Mafia?
Voted : The freemasons
i don't know, but knowing that the masons are everywhere scares me
go hells angles
first off... to call any other group "mafia" besides the italians doesn't make sense. there is no such thing as the "russian mafia" or "chinese mafia" or they would be italian based in russia or china. "russian mob" or "chinese mob" is what they are. the word "mafia" is an italian word and should only be used when referring to La Cosa Nostra - the italian mafia.

secondly, you can't compare "kids" that are running most gangs like ms-13 and other disorganized gangs with the mafia. the mafia have judges, police & politicians in their pockets. they control business, casinos, nightclubs, bars and restaurants. as far as violence is concerned, throwing a hand grenade at someone is peanuts compared to having entire families wiped out or someones house or business burned to the ground. even today, with the fbi crushing the mafia like never before, it's still stronger and more powerful than any other gang in the world... let alone the usa. the mafia pays gangs like the hells angels to work with them and do some dirty work. think about that - the mafia and the hells angels working together. what could possibly be more powerful? NOTHING.

Voted : 20 DollaA RocK FleeT
I'd like to post a photo of them talking on cell phones and pointing at wheel rims.
Voted : The Jets
Watch out. I can snap my fingers and I'm not afraid to do it while I dance.
^^ I always wondered what ever happened to those "Growing up Gotti" kids.

US Military = World's most powerful, toughest, organized, ruthless gang EVER! PERIOD.
how come gangs do not sing and dance first BEFORE fighting?

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