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[+] serious ballot by rainesbj

How many sex partners does a woman have to have before it turns you off. Think about starting a relationship with someone. How many previous sex partners could you deal with her having. If you are a woman just answer what you think is appropriate. Comments on this subject would be great.

How many sex partners is too many for a woman to have?

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no such thing as too many.

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I think twenty is a bit much;I know that some people hook up with a person everytime they go to a club but still you got to have some self respect.A woman that easy has some emotional issues so I wouldn't persue a relationship.

entered by : Corrupt
Submitted on : Aug 06,2006 6:20:42 pm

Voted : no such thing as too many.
It's a woman's perogative as to how many partners she chooses, just as it's a man's. Careful, lest you begin to sound like Grapost.

Dodgy question, verging seriously on the mysogenist...
Apologies - misogynist
Good ballot.

Its a womans perogative how many partners she has, just as it is your perogative to think shes a dirty whore for it!

Personally, it would depend on the girl herself of course, and whether those partners were long term, but I would prob be put off a long term relationship if she had had more than 5.

Keith and Truth

You are completely missing the point of this ballot, Hes asking what you personally would find offputting. Its not mysogonistic to have a preference on such a matter.

Voted : 20
I think twenty is a bit much;I know that some people hook up with a person everytime they go to a club but still you got to have some self respect.A woman that easy has some emotional issues so I wouldn't persue a relationship.
As many as one likes. One usually suffices, assuming them competent, but I'd not begrudge a sister more than one. I would pity her, but not begrudge.
The same amount as men in my opinion.
Voted : no such thing as too many.
They can have as many as men have, the idea of women being sexually restricted, died out in the 1970s.

Male egos will have to accept it, women enjoy sex just as much as men.

When you have to start getting std tests all the time:)
Voted : no such thing as too many.
As much they like. As long as I can be one of them, once in a while.
male or female? You didn't put such a choice on the ballot
Voted : no such thing as too many.
The more the merrier!
Do you really think a women will tell you the truth about the number. Come on we know how you guys will react so we make up a number and it is low so you can feel good. But our best friends know the truth.
Voted : 15
Come on I love sex just as much as the next guy but I haven't had more than a dozen partners and am kind of creeped out finding out my woman nearly 30 before me!
I know I should have asked her a long time ago right? well most women lie about this question typically so stopped expecting an honest answer a long time ago!

Voted : 5
5 partners for someone at the age of 22 (my age) is too much
Everything in Moderation.....even in sex
Voted : no such thing as too many.
Over how long a period are you referring to? I've know quite a few women that started out very young at this and have had many partners, while others have started slow and have had the same results and sometimes much smaller numbers.
I had a lot of one-nite stands when I was too dumb to know any better. I can say I like an experienced man and I hope he likes my skills to please him.
When I was a senior in high school, graduated in 1987, had a girlfriend that was a senior, I was her 13th partner, and she was only 16. I only wonder what that number is now.
Voted : 15
that is like way too many... 13+ you are approaching slut status
When you start getting STDs on a regular basis is probably a good indication.
I think it really depends on the context of the sexual partners because a girl could have started at a relatively young age like 15 and if you are 30, having 10 sexual partners is less than two a year... I also think what happens in other countries doesn't seem applicable to one's number of sexual partners... people do crazy things in foreign countries.
Voted : no such thing as too many.
Why should the number of a woman's sex partners be any more an issue than the number of a man's?
Voted : 10
i cant stop having sex its too good!
Voted : no such thing as too many.
Voted : 10
My current girlfriend, age 36, has slept with an estimated 30+ men (not counting sexual "encounters" such as oral/manual stimulation, which would greatly increase that number). It bothers me a great deal, since I've only had seven partners and feel as if I've been selective for no reason, I guess. Is it jealousy? Or maybe envy toward her apparently substantial attractiveness toward the opposite sex, which I simply have never had?
One more than what she wants.
I have a big problem with this question, and im not sure if its the fact that we are talking about imoral "sex parteners" or the fact that there is no option for 0 (zero) ....
what have we gotten to ??

Voted : 5
Anything more than that and she is a slut. Who want a slut. Ladies, keep your numbers down. Please no more whore and sluts
a different cock everyday.. that would be heaven!!!
Two are too many...but that wasn't one of the choices!

This question is a bit like asking, "how many sperm are too many for one egg?" When A man and A woman marry (that is, have sex--the original meaning is not a social institution but a biological fact), the two of them become (and function as) a single organism. Getting another person into the mix --whether immediately or..EVER!!--has a name: adultery.

I don't know why this is still aimed at women. We need to do this for men too! Men are dogs if they sleep around too much as well!!
None of the above. Two is too many. One is appropriate and highly recommended. More than one is undesirable, excessive, contrary to good sense or faithfulness. One is all one needs, all that one should need or desire. Monogamy and faithfulness are better than anything else.
Voted : >35
to be honest it all depends on how old she is single or not in a committed relationship...think about it if a girl is single from 18-28 and she has sex with only 4 ppl a yr that's 40 freakiing ppl, but 40 ppl for a 22 y/o is a little whoreish
Voted : no such thing as too many.
I am going to start my own all-male harem, so too many dudes is never enough for me! ;)
Of what age is the woman in question?
30 is far too much for an 18 year old. 30 would be reasonable for a 35 year old. I think it's rather disgusting when a woman tries to stick more dick into her crotch then a Brazilian whore. It's simply fucking disgusting.

I see a comment about men, the worst thing that happens to a man when sleeping around is potential for an STD. Everything else makes it a more pleasurable experience for the next woman. Sexist? Selfish? Probably, but still less disgusting to think about since we're the ones giving and not recieving.
I have nothing against women who want to hold contests for the loosest vagina, I just don't want any parts of it.

Voted : no such thing as too many.
I think the number of years you are sexually active, times 2 should be a reasonable number. Also if you are a sheltered person even a low number might seem high, which in reality it isn't. You have to take things in consideration, such as going to college, this time of your life is all about you exploring all your horizons, including sexual ones. As long as the person your with is monogamous with you, that is all that should matter.
LMAO, sex is for reproduction, that is it's only purpose. Since it feels good people abuse it, Same concept with drugs, cigarettes, and even chocolate. Being a whore isn't a healthy normal thing to do, despite what the cool thing to do is, hahah.

'this time of your life is all about you exploring all your horizons' Lol, spoken like someone who really enjoys getting their dick wet.

Granted, you'll be hard pressed to find someone unimpressed with the use of sex for anything more then getting a kid out of it. You silly humans and physical addictions. I wake up every morning ashamed I'm apart of this species, and personally can't wait for 2012 and anything it may bring. But I'm an optimistic and really hope I can hitch a ride with some friendly neighborhood alien..

Also I am high, Peace and pot brother.

ok, i can't actually believe how conservative, judgemental and narrow minded the majority of people are on this topic. its only sex! its a bodily function, like eating, sleeping and going to the toilet.....are you seriously going to say there is a "correct" and acceptable amount of times women are to do those as well? you should all be ashamed of yourselves. we are living in the 21st century, not the dark ages. OPEN YOUR MINDS. who cares how many times? as many or as few as she wants! what is right for her is right!
I find an unmarried virgin to be more tempting!

A nice clean woman that didn't have sex with a man other than me before!

Does God find it wrong for me to love beautiful women?

I want to have sex!

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