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religion :
[+] serious ballot by xhiker

CNN just reported that the Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Watertown, New York dismissed a woman that had been teaching Sunday School for 54 years because the Bible states that women should not teach or have authority over men. (I'm sure he got this from I Timothy, Chap. 1, vs. 11) I personaly think the pastor is way out of line. What is your opinion?

He did the right thing.
He's a nut case
His interprtation is out dated
He is not pleasing God by dismissing a faithful teacher
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^understood...can't argue with your view, unfortunately.

entered by : xhiker
Submitted on : Aug 27,2006 4:24:26 pm

I think women should be allowed to serve as priest,pastors and all other types of clergy.However if he and his church don't want women to serve as preachers then that's his right and the government should not force him to allow in female clergy.Seperation of Church and State works both ways.

And not only that, she refused to wear her burka!
Voted : He's a nut case
It took him 54 years to figure this out? What was she doing out of the kitchen in the first place? MAG_rofl
Voted : He is not pleasing God by dismissing a faithful teacher
She's taught Sunday School for 54 years and then she got fired for not being a man :p
This planet's hopeless, I'm ashamed of it.
by Jyl [+]

I dont think it's right. But it's their beliefs, they can do what they want with them within the confines of their church.

But I also ask the question... It took him 54 years to notice that part of the Bible?

The government is not involved in this and never will be. I just think it's a terrible waste of a teacher that would and has benefited that church and the faith.

Voted : His interprtation is out dated
Clearly, this guy hasn't been watching much TV, or he'd've seen a good half-dozen women with major pastorages.
Voted : He's a nut case
and people wonder why i have a problem with christianity in general.
Bad attitudes about women are an underlying theme in christianity as we know it, and i find it hard to ignore. I think all women should abandon the faith and start their own religion - or better yet - learn to follow what's in their heart rather than what some old fart thought was best for them. who needs the hassle. Burn your bras ladies! and those stupid mantillas ladies used to have to wear to church. What? my hair wasn't pleasing to god? not my fault - he gave me the hair right? a tissue pinned to my head was more pleasing???
hahah - hard to determine who's whackier - the catholics or the baptists.
ok enough for now - christianity's nutcases make me goofy sometimes LOL

I think perhaps it was used as an excuse to let her go. How old was she when she began to teach? Also I thought sunday school was taught to children, not men...
^Sunday School is taught to children, adult men, and adult women.
"Problems I have with Christianity" should also read, "Problems I have with people." Bigotry and ignorance are alive in all factions of life, not just Christians. I do agree that nuts like this pastor drive people from the church, or faith, in general, but I'm not sure you're not just using these kind of things to give you a reason for not being involved in any religion.

true - nutcases come from all aspects of religious or anti-religious belief. However christianty is highly influential in our society, and in my view promotes some seriously warped ideas. In general christianity does view women as inferior, despite some individuals protests to the contrary. and that isn't directed to anyone on this site - just that there are people who actually believe christianity doesn't assume male superiority. of course it does! god is male - woman caused the first sin and so on.....
been drilled in that routine for years and i'm not buying it.

^understood...can't argue with your view, unfortunately.

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