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"The Turkish prime minister has accused the EU of acting unfairly towards Turkey by deciding to slow down its membership talks.
"The EU decision is an injustice against Turkey," Recep Tayyip Erdogan told the Turkish parliament.

He said EU-Turkey relations were now facing a "serious test".

EU foreign ministers decided on Monday to suspend accession talks with Turkey on eight of the 35 areas that candidates are required to complete.

The decision stems from Turkey's refusal to open its sea and air ports to EU member Cyprus, under a customs union pact it signed with the bloc last year."

(Source: BBC)

- Do you think the EU is intentionally delaying membership to Turkey because it doesn't really want Turkey as a member?

No, not at all
I hope so
Yes, and justifiably so!!
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wonders of racism strike again

entered by : Lovelynice
Submitted on : Dec 12,2006 9:15:00 am

Voted : Yes
Yes. EU public opinion for one is against it. Some member countries are more hesitant about it than others though.

For example, there is Austria's insistent excuse that Croatia should be let in the EU before any serious discussions about letting Turkey in.

Voted : Yes
** karma **
Lovelynice- I don't know if it's necessarily racism. Perhaps more to do with culture rather than race. Turkey has a very unique and different culture from the that of Europe. Will this unique culture one day lead Turks (especially radical nationalist ones) to assert pressure to separate from the EU?

There is also the idea that it is economically underdeveloped compared to Europe, and that could be a drain on the EU.

Add those to its sheer size.

Then there is the fear that it really has not progressed enough on the issue of human rights.

Voted : Yes
Let's not ignore the 800 lb. gorilla: Turkey is 95% Muslim.
cranky- Yes, that is problematic. The Islamist faction of Turkey are already angry at the EU. They argue that Turkey is oppressing its own culture and Islamic identity for the EU, and that Turkey should stay away from it. I do fear that if Turkey were let into the EU, the troublemakers would constantly be angry at Brussels for enforcing laws that they disagree with, and they may violently push for separation. The problem with Turkey different Islamic identity is not so much with its government, but more so the pressures from below on to tis government. Letting Turkey into the EU may anger alot of Turks toward Europe, as gaining membership will require much more Westernisation, and once a member will add more pressure to Westernise even more. This, I predict will lead to a conservative Islamist backlash within certain sections of Turkish society and anger at Europe; a clash of civilizations the EU should probably avoid?
Voted : No, not at all
i doubt it. i'm sure the eu is being above board.
hmm, reading the other comments, maybe i'm wrong. could be a case of racism to a degree.
Voted : Yes
I think the EU doesn't want Turkey. It could be just residual distrust on the part of member states who remember Ottoman agression, or religious animosity left over from the time of Vlad the Impaler, or it could be that while being a Secular State; Turkey will not allow insults to Islam to go unchecked, which flies in the face of "BestWest vs. the Rest" bullshit. As for Croatia, they have elected "Ustasha" fascists since the demise of Yugo. Why should they be given any leeway?
flagrantviolator - Exactly why Croatia will not become a member anytime too soon. Which is why the 'Croatia first' argument is very convenient in delaying Turkish membership.
This is the powerful greek lobby at work...again.
Pls. explain, seamus. Interesting...
** karma **
Voted : No, not at all
Perhaps if they played by the rules (Cyprus and all the other 1000s of EU rules) and admitted the Armenian genocide people might move a little more quickly.
I'm not sure if Mr_Sheepy is referring to my last comment but here it goes: it is well known that the greeks dont want the turks in the EU and they have been busy trying to pass a bad idea of Turkey. Many people seem to forget that the Annan plan, for example, was refused not by the turks but by the greek cipriots. In the plenary sessions of the european parliament it's common to hear the greek members accusing Turkey of violating the the rights of the greek minorities living there. Well what a lot of people dont know is that the turkish nationality is not recognized in Greece. And interesting enough when in 2005 there were serious negotiations going on to try to speed up Turkey's adhesion to the EU, Durao Barroso (EU's top man) was spotted enjoying his vacations in the greek islands on board of Spiro Latsis gigantic yacht. Barroso who was favourable to the adhesion of turkey while prime minister of Portugal suddenly seemed to lose a lot of his enthusiasm for the turkish cause...
It's a curious fact: everytime turkey is in the european union agenda something bad always comes up: it's either cops beating up women, kurds getting arrested, custom problems, insecure borders, you name it. And theres always an indignated greek, austrian, german or french MP to make a poignant speech about the abuses.
What no one seems to realise is that these very same problems happen with similar frequence (or maybe greater frequence) in Bulgaria and mainly ROmania. Has anyone hear any greek or austrian MP about what's going on in those countries? I certanly havent!

** karma **
no not at all.because of some reasons europe want to add turkiye EU union.on the other hand some reasons are about economic they cannot reject turkiye

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