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[+] joke ballot by _Beelzebubba

They could be president of anything.

(Suck on it Johnson, Harding and Nixon. You're not even close!)

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George W. Bush - United States of America
Robert Mugabe - Zimbabwe
Jeffrey Skilling - Enron
Yolanda Saldívar - Selena Fan Club
Warren G. Harding
Jimmy Carter
Herbert Hoover
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Franklin Pierce
Fidel Castro
Bashar al-Assad
Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir (Sudan)
Mahmoud Abbas
Idi Amin
Ariel Sharon
William Jefferson Clinton
Numero Cuarenta y tres
Owen $. Arthur (Barbados)
Gerald Ford
B'rack Obama, if he manages to get elected :-(
Francois Mitterrand - France
Jacques Chirac - France
Andrew Johnson (17th President of theUS)
Dave Edmondson ( former CEO of Radio Shack)

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No president could be worst then George W Bush

this COMMENT created by :
Submitted on : Jul 18,2007 12:47:06 pm

Idi Amin's various titles: His Excellency President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Idi Amin, VC, DSO, MC, King of Scotland, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Sea, and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General, and Uganda in Particular.

He has to be among the worst ever.

What a shock: FiddleFaddle, uh, I mean TinCan put Jimmy Carter as a choice.

I wonder how even more reactionary the response would have been if Carter had said something about God's chosen people that WASN'T true.

Voted : George W. Bush - United States of America
Not much to compare it to, so I will go with one I know for sure. GWB!
Voted : Franklin Pierce
I'm still mad at the bum
Too many to choose from up there, though Jimmy Carter has no place on that list.
Voted : Yolanda Saldívar - Selena Fan Club
^^ I agree, mojo. Somehow Jimmy Carter has now become the ADL's whipping boy for stating the obvious.

Franklin Pierce qualifies since he is a distant relative of George Dumbya Bush (Barbara's side).

I'l pick Selena's fan club president since she completely destroyed everything she represented.

George W. Bush is still working that.

Mojo, he belongs right up there with the incompetent nitwits like Herbert Hoover and Franklin Pierce. He allowed Iran to take and hold Americans hostage for over 400 days. His inaction made the US look weak and impotent. His administration brought about "stagflation". Stagflation being high inflation and stagnant growth. Interest rates were well above 20%. And you say he doesn't belong with the other incompetent presidents?

Look at his record instead of this propaganda which makes him out to be a saint. Keep in mind he also OK'd South Korea brutally suppressing protesting citizens of Kwangju. He supported the Shah of Iran and numerous other bloody dictators and even praised them in public as being great leaders. He is just as bad and corrupt as the others.

And because of this... the people of the US overwhelmingly voted to replace him with Ronald Reagan. Because he was so bad and this resulted in Reagan getting in, this alone qualifies to be on the list.

^And he committed the ultimate crime in the eyes of people like FiddleFaddle/Tin Can: he criticized Israel.
So glad to know that a good portion of you numbnuts would rather have Fidel Castro or a number of other vicious dictators as your president than GW Bush. Ever think about actually putting some intelligence into your conclusions?
Bush is worse than Idi Amin and Robert Mugabe? Are the majority of voters really that foolish?
I believe people living in Zimbabwe would most-likely disagree with this assessment, considering all the refugees who would gladly escape Mugabe's rule to go to the US under Bush's rule.
cranky.... Carter is a friend of Israel. You perceive criticism as somehow tantamount to your agreement to your torrent of irrational hatred of Israel. He did help negotiate the Israel-Egypt peace agreement btw, thus aiding Israel's security for many years. Its funny how when someone criticises Israel mildly like Carter that you (who obviously haven't read the book) think he is on your side. He isn't.

BTW, Carter is on the worst president list of many historians. Rampant inflation, stagnant growth, recession, super high interest rates, and America held hostage by a third world tinfoil hat country. Incompetent? Yes. Therefore on the list of the worst. You perceive competance as "hating Israel".

I notice how you didn't criticize my other choices - which are gathering massive votes.


That is one of your most incoherent posts, yet.

And, of course your choices get a lot of votes, since you spam them endlessly.

^ you are a nut job. As of this post there are 655 votes. Soooo according to you I must have voted at least 400-500 times. cuckoo cuckoo

Federalist Society - The Wall Street Journal Survey on Presidents (2000)
Below Average
28 Gerald Ford 2.59
29 Herbert Hoover 2.53
30 Jimmy Carter 2.47
31 Zachary Taylor 2.40
32 Ulysses Grant 2.28
33 Richard Nixon 2.22
34 John Tyler 2.03
35 Millard Fillmore 1.91
36 Andrew Johnson 1.65
37 Franklin Pierce 1.58
38 Warren Harding 1.58
39 James Buchanan

From CNN presidential popularity rankings:
President Highest Rating Lowest
Harry Truman 87% 23%
Dwight Eisenhower 79% 48%
John F. Kennedy 83% 56%
Lyndon Johnson 79% 35%
Richard Nixon 67% 24%
Gerald Ford 71% 37%
Jimmy Carter 75% 28%
Ronald Reagan 68% 35%
George H.W. Bush 89% 29%
Bill Clinton 73% 37%
George W. Bush 90% 29%

From US News survey
1. James Buchanan
2. Warren Harding
3. Andrew Johnson
4. Franklin Pierce
5. Millard Fillmore
6. John Tyler
7. US Grant
8. William Harrison
9. Herbert Hoover
9. Richard Nixon (tie with Hoover)
10. Zachary Taylor
11. Jimmy Carter

I have no disagreement with you as to Bush being one of the worst. Is he worse than James Buchanan whose inaction led to the Civil War? Or Andrew Johnson who opposed every single re-constructionist act (post civil war)? Or Millard Fillmore who backed the Compromise Of 1850 - which led to the spread of slavery? Or Herbert Hoover who drove the US into the Great Depression? Or Richard Nixon who illegally spied on his enemies, subverted the constitution... well the whole Watergate mess. Is Bush worse? Probably. But you know who follows Hoover and Nixon? Carter. (Good company he is in, isn't he)

Good things about Carter: Camp David Accords (between ISRAEL and Egypt - thus securing a state of peace between the two) for which he is rightly praised, appointed Paul Volcker chairman of the Federal Reserve to end inflation (although his actions didn't affect the economy until Reagan)

His negatives: Iranian hostage crisis, coddled and praised dictators like most of the us presidents have, stagflation (stagnant growth, high inflation) and the energy crisis, ineffective leadership, sought energy legislation but couldn't get it passed despite having significant Democratic majorities. Coal strike which lasted 110 days in the winter of 1977–1978. Before that strike ended many schools and industries had been forced to shut down or limit hours. Inherited an economy with inflation around 5% and interest rates around 8%. By the time he left? Double digit inflation (13.5%), little to no economic growth, interest rates over 20% (21.5% prime), unemployment nearly 8%. Great economy!!!

And you like him for...? Because you PERCIEVE him as being anti-Israel which he is not. He's not viewed that way even by most who don't like his latest book.

Fidel Castro? Please, Idi Amin would have him gutted.
Voted : FDR
In order FDR, Truman and LBJ
Jimmy Carter wasn't a bad president. He wasn't a great president -- he was in charge during a very difficult time -- but he is certainly the greatest ex-president in U.S. history.

The worst: Bush or Andrew Johnson. Probably Bush because of the times; he has made the world far more dangerous and hurt the U.S.'s standing in the world far more than any person previously.

No president could be worst then George W Bush

george w bush.... that fuckin monkey is more worse than all the other presidents on the list combined
Voted : George W. Bush - United States of America
Bush is definitley the worst. History will prove it
mahmud ahmadi nejad is the worst peresident in the world.i'm iranian and i hate him so much...
Voted : Fidel Castro
Castro is worse than Bush; boatloads of cubans willing to risk all go the 90 miles for freedom. Do Americans get in boats and go to Cuba, let alone .. any other country? No. Why. We allow freedom of expression. However it carries responsibility. You burn an American flag in front of other Americans and you suffer their wrath. You might have the right to march in protest in some parade, but some of the opposition has just as much right to kick your ass because that's the freedom of expression allowed them.
Neither Abraham Lincoln nor Jefferson Davis were on this ballot? Presidents so bad that multiple armed insurrections occurred in BOTH the North and the South against their respective Presidencies??? Strange...
Voted : Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir (Sudan)
I bet Goerge w Bush will be top but he's not, he does better than all the African and Midle Eastern ones.
Oh what a suprise, You-know-who is worst.
Voted : Dave Edmondson ( former CEO of Radio Shack)
He ruined Radio Shack and he lied bigtime on his resume. Sadly RS gave him a generous package to leave. The current one is not much better but at least he is not a liar--just a jerk.
Voted : George W. Bush - United States of America
George W. Bush has no equal, from any nation, from any era. You can't even theoretically be worse than George W. Bush.
Under Carter,the unemployment was unemployment nearly 8%, now it is nearly 10% under Obama.

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