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[+] ballot by mybackhurts

This is a scary though.But they say sociopath are often intelligent and very charming.I heard Stalin was pretty out there.Sending millions of innocent people to Siberian labor camp is not somethig I would do.
I know many of us will automaticlly think of Hitler or Stalin.I want you to mention somebody else if you can think of and don't forget the reason.Thanks
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LCD : on Oct 10, 2014 because Obama, he's a nigger.

Saddam Hussein
Kim Jong Il
Robin Cooke
That bitch Thatcher
Dick Cheney
Ronald Reggan - He couldn't even remember his name
George W. Bush
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - iran
Ivan the Terrible
Meles Zenawi
False Prophet Muhammad
All of the above with the exception of zig.
Tony Bliar
Ronald Reagan had Altzheimers for most of his two terms
Jimmy Carter
Omar al-Bashir
Ayatollah Khomeini
Muammar al-Gaddafi
Hugo Chavez
Idi Amin
Pol Pot
Mao Tse Tsung
Senator John Edwards
Barack Hussein Obama

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napoleon (royalty killer)bonaparte

this COMMENT created by :
Submitted on : Oct 02,2007 12:49:34 pm

That little sh*t in North Korea. Why does that little bastard dress like Elvis.

It's got to be that bastard Reggan!So many people worshiped him like a God when in reality he couldn't even remember his own name!:0
Apart from disliking his policies, I really do believe that George Bush may be dangerously psychopathic at worst and seriously deluded at best.
by zig [+]

Okay, I don't like Bush either, but to say he's more likely than Hitler...I don't quite buy it...
Dubya, he believes in god for a start.
By the time this poll has ended, Blair might not be a leader any longer. With any luck. Dirty filthy warmongering arsehole.
Reagan was basically a vegetable for his second term. And stupid before he went insane.
Ivan The Terrible FOR SURE. Don't forget your history people.
Hitler AND Dubya both suffer from tertiary Syphylis
I would say Jimmy Carter. He changed over the years. :(
Why isn't there a spot to vote for liberal left wingers?
Jimmy Carter and his antisemitic views. He wasn't getting mental in office but now he is mental now. :(
napoleon (royalty killer)bonaparte
After u die all of u ll know by the first second what u made all of u by saying this about the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him ( read the Quran & u ll get the truth.go to u tube & see all new MUSLIMS from all religon they convert to ISLAM even though Prists & preachers & listen to their speech about ISLAM & about the Quran from ALLAH even it talk about the thing that all Chiristian & Catholic ppl say about the (Trinity) and the story of Jeses Peace be upon him . see & read the moral of the life from the GOD & his Prophet Muhammad PBUH.
Voted : Hitler
Stalin wasn't insane. Merely a product of russia at that stage in its history. Hitler however was suffering from pretty much every mental illness you can name. If you look into his family history mental illness was the norm. he also had one of his relatives gassed during the holocaust and the shiklegruber side of the famil died out from suicide and mental illness.

There is much to suggest Bush has a mental illness too.

Bush does look like a window licker. But maybe looks are deceptive.

Nero is the whole reason 666 exists. (message me for more)

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