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Who has the most beautiful country in the world?
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The United States
South Africa
Great Britain
Sudbury, Ontario!
Sweden (atleast the most beautiful girls
Scotland isn't a country actually, it be a region. Part of Britain
Every Country
puerto rico
All of the countries are beautiful
Saudi Arabia

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i love mexico!!!!!!!!

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Submitted on : Dec 27,2007 7:09:19 pm

David Hasselhoff??

America's nice, but not the most beautiful I have been to.
None of the above. It is without a doubt Norway. I have had the pleasure being there twice and the nature is out of this world.
Voted : South Africa
South Africa is the most beautiful country I have ever been to. I would say America is then probably second, espcially the West which I love and find gorgeous. Italy is also very high up.

I'm British so I have a bias towards the UK, but I'm afraid none of our areas are as beautiful as other countries I have been to. Africa is my favourite continent in terms of beauty. Then Asia or North America.

well considering that if you name a country...the united States will have the same features as it somewhere. It has the most varied tarrain than any other nation.
^ Except there's quite a lot of loud mouthed dumbasses live there.
Name a feature and the US will have it? Excuse me? Savannah like Africa, Salt deserts like Patagonia, Rain Forests like Brazil, huge sand dune desserts, Enormous Craters like Ngorogoro or the Vredefort Dome, the Gneiss cliffs of Norway, the Okovango delta (an oasis bigger than connecticut in the middle of a a dessert), Fjords like Norway or New Zealand etc. The US is huge and ahs a lot - but there's no WAY you can say it has every type of terrain - that's just totally wrong.
"Scotland isn't a country actually, it be a region. Part of Britain"

No scotland is a country, so is Wales and England. Why do you think Scotland, England and Wales have seperate international football and rugby teams as well as flags and goverments.

The US has salt deserts..have you ever heard of salt lake city? Or what about death valley one of the most saltiest desserts in the world. One guy tried to walk across, he made it on is way back he dropped dead and was found 10 days later mummified..I didn't make that up, the us has miniature versions of a rain forrest also know as tropics, Craters? they are everywhere around the world. The US has deserts that are almost like dunes, and a lot more. What about features unique to the US? Like mountains so eroded by wind that they make natural arches and cliffs. The U.S. also has the world's highest quality fluorescent minerals and the most number of minerals found in any one location, There may be variations around the world of terrain i know that but in terms of classification the US has just about all of it. I personally think that going out west and seeing a wild buffalow herd like in Wyoming for example a state with a population no larger than many British towns is one of the most amazing things to ever see. What about redwood forrests where else in the world are they?
You don't have Buffalo in the US, you have Bisen.
I've travelled to almost all 50 states by car. From the northeast to the southwest, from the northwest to the southeast. The differences in geography and climate are amazing. Not to many countries can compare. The west is my personal favorite, the grand canyon,yosemite,yellowstone ect....offer stunning scenery. The wide variety of wildlife is also amazing. I'm glad I live in a country that has such diversity. By the way karma junky, your country is filled with a lot of people who have nasty, miserable dispositions. But I guess if I had to put up with such crappy weather I'd be the same way.
Voted : Every Country
^ No, British people are just Bred tough and live with it unlike in Florida where it drizzles a bit and everyone shoots for cover, bunch of girls. It hasn't rained here for the last 8 days so that's your theory out the window. It never rains as much as you people claim it does and any bad weather we do get it's because we are in the Atlantic and bare the brunt of it as it comes in, We have no natural disasters of any sort, we get a bit of a flood if we are unlucky and maybe a bit of a snowstorm but thats it. Bad weather breeds tough people.
I wander how many of those foraigners woh claim it rains all the time have actually been to the UK.
Anyway every country is beautiful in their one way so it's a really pointless question which will stir up an arguement. I know thats not the ballots purpose Trooper but thats whats gonna happen.
* own way not "one way"

And its who not "woh"

Spartan a buffalow is a bison and vise versa..i have seen them. And yes you have beet us in the rain. You get a ton of it. Although It does rain just as much on the west coast where the redwoods are. But overall you win on that.
O and spartan you want to fight with people with Florida on who gets bad weather? That state has been destroyed countless times over due to hurricanes..lots of rain. And didn't you just controdict yourself saying you do but you dont have bad weather?
Yeah i did a bit sorry. Buffalo and Bisen are different species and live on completly seperate continates.
Spartan type in Americna buffalo then American Bison. Same animal same class. a "Buffalo burger" for example is a burger made from American bison. Same thing. A water Buffalo is in the same class of animal and can equally be called a bison. But of course they aren't the same speices as the ones in Africa.
The ones in Africa are real Buffalo and America has Bisen. American Buffalo is just another name for it.

"Bison is a taxonomic genus containing six species of large even-toed ungulates within the subfamily Bovinae. Only two of these species still exist: the American Bison, which is the species commonly referred to as "buffalo" in American Western culture, and the European Bison, or Wisent. Although common, it is technically incorrect to refer to bison as "buffalo," as true buffalo are native only to Asia (see Water Buffalo) and Africa (see African Buffalo)."

People can say what they want about USA, but you have to admit, from Alaska to Hawaii, huge open spaces of the South West, ,Red wood forest, New England, so many places, the coast lines, In my opinion it has to be USA
Where is India? the most beautiful and culturally diverse country in the world.
Actually I am an Indian, but I liked the historical, cultural and ethnic value of Greek as the BEST
its not fair. Guatemala is the most beautiful country in the entire world...

Of the ones I have been to I would say South Africa. USA is beautiful too if you have travelled enough through it. New Zealand, Canada, Norway, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, China, India as well. But if we are only allowed one I vote for South Africa.
I'd say South Africa. Then Norway perhaps. USA and canada are beautiful especially in the West. Italy is marvellous. I'm British so I have to say we are beautiful, but honestly not in the same league as those others.
L E B A N O N! ..bcoz it has it all!
sunshine, winter, snow, mountains up to 3000m, ski, beach, fantastic nightlife and many HOT places, modern, old, history, west/ME, beautiful women, no desert, DELICIOUS food, grottos +++++++

u missed to put this peace of heaven on the list!!:( :
Voted : South Africa
I am so happy South Africa is now well known enough to be doing so well! It is a magnificent country in terms of physical splendor, I visit it regularly from Europe now. It gets my vote for the most beautiful country on Earth.
South Africa is the most magnificent place on earth... Absolutely gorgeous! The diversity is incredible!
India is the most beautiful country in the world. - South Africa's scenery attained the highest mark (97.8%) in Condé Nast Traveller Magazine's 2006 poll. South Africa is the most gorgeous country in the world - without a doubt!
South Africa is the Most Spectacular country on Earth. The variety is incredible and every new view just captures your heart.
Voted : All of the countries are beautiful
usa is the ugliest country i have ever seen in my life
where is sudan
Voted : All of the countries are beautiful
sudan isn't on here because nobody would vote for that crap
Voted : New Zealand
wow new zealand
Voted : Sweden (atleast the most beautiful girls
Voted : Norway
The most beautiful nature in the world. Peaceful clean and fresh.
Poor Barbarians Italy is by far
the most beautiful country in the world. But you sad descendents of barbarians can't admit that

Viva Italia

Im a decendent of Italians myself, and though I love it I still dont put it as number 1! yes for art. For nature and lanscape I chose South Africa. America is beautiful too eve if a lot is not. In Europe I chose Bella Italia and Switzerland.
MALDIVES is paradise of the world
Voted : nepal
Nature smiles there. Mountains stands there. Glaciers plays there. Culture soeaks there. Life starts there.
Voted : Mexico
Voted : Canada
canada rocks..
Voted : Albania
I think albania has the most beautiful girls.
Voted : Turkey
my vote to turkey coz I wentto istanbul twice
Voted : Argentina
In Argentina there are italian and spanien mixed
Voted : nepal
Nepal is the best country ever
go and visit and u will love it
i love it better than myself

Voted : The United States
Great diversity of climate and landscapes compel me to choose the US.
Voted : Philippines
i think the philippines because the most beautiful people live there
Voted : Mexico
i love mexico!!!!!!!!
where the hell is Iceland
Voted : Canada
i love canada
Voted : india
india is great
New zealand is the most beautiful country on earth .. thats out of discussion !
Voted : China
chinease girls beautiful
where is the maldives
Voted : South Africa
South Africa is the most beautiful I have been to. Other beautiful ones include Chile, China, New Zealand, the USA and Switzerland.
I also like Italy (though less for natural beauty and more for architectural and historic beauty).

Voted : South Africa
Wow! Im shocked so many people think my country is the most beautiful country in the world! I had no idea u guys held it in such high esteem! But the politics here stinks!!!!
Who the hell removes the best choices from each ballot!Where is New Zeland, India and Greece.They are some of the most beautiful countries on earth. I guess somebody wants USA to win every ballot!
Voted : Nigeria
Nigeria is also beautiful,so many curvy girls. Hongkong aint bad at all!!

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