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Here is my coincidence...
I was just about to create a ballot about coincidences and...
I came to this site and coincidentally here was this ballot!
My friend had the exact same birthday as me

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Holy shit, I've had prophetic dreams, but none that were that eerily realistic.

entered by : nuckinfutz
Submitted on : Mar 05,2008 8:36:19 pm

Voted : Here is my coincidence...
When I was a kid, living in Brooklyn, New York, Mom decided to pay a surprise visit to her friend living in Manhatten. We took the Brroklyn subway to Grand Central Station to transfer to another train. We came up off the escalator, turned the corner, and actually bumped into this same person who had decided to pay a surprise visit to Mom.

For awhile in my life I was wearing a Crucifix on a Chain. Then one night I was really loaded and thinking about what a Hypocrite I was being for wearing it... and I felt something brush my Belly and looked down to see the Crucifix and chain lying on the had fallen through my Shirt....'scuse me while I go say the Rosary..
Voted : Here is my coincidence...
My most recent ex and I cyber-met in an MSN chat room, became friends for about six weeks before she got booted out because she butted heads with another host. Two months later, as I was in another, non-MSN chat, a user from my chat room happened to pop in, recognized me, and told me that he had a message for me from her, along with her e-mail address. Well, it's not much, but it was for me.
^^ did you guys have cyber-nookie and then get cyber-divorced?...any cyber-kids?...cyber-clap?
No, spanky, we actually hooked up in real-time. Lasted almost a year.
Voted : Here is my coincidence...

There are many, but here is one. I once had a dream exactly like a scene in the book my husband was reading that night. I mentioned my dream (it was very bizarre) the next morning, and he asked me if I had been reading his book. No. It was a book I had never even heard of, let alone read, and he hadn't mentioned anything about it.

This kind of thing happens with us fairly often. Kinda creepy.

Met a girl that I liked, hooked up, dated, etc. Found out later that we were born on exactly the same day, at the same time, to mothers with the same first name!
Voted : Here is my coincidence...
Years ago, I had a dream that an airliner crashed while attempting to land in another country. The dream was horrific. I woke and told my Dad who was in the livng room watching TV. I told him everything about the dream, the country and the city where it happened, the direction the plane was coming from and the time of the accident. 2 weeks later, the crash occured in the city in my dream and at the time in my dream. And the plane was flying in from the direction I had dreamed.

And it happened the way I saw it in my dream.

Holy shit, I've had prophetic dreams, but none that were that eerily realistic.
i dont get this site but it is a very good and helpfull resource
My friend that I met when I was 4 was born on the same day as me- only 4 hours apart, and we have a phone number one digit off.
example: 555-5555, 555-5556
We both live in the same city and we're still friends 13 years later.

Voted : My friend had the exact same birthday as me
I've never known anyone with my birthday, it was weird but cool.
Voted : Here is my coincidence...
It was Christmas Day 1982. My cousin George dropped me off at my sister's house, there was no one there. In a while I started walking toward Akron, some 10 miles away. It was very warm for Christmas, and an occasional light misty rain. Just several blocks away there was a lady in her car who asked me if I had seen her dog. I said no, and she asked me, 'Didn't you work at Lawson's?' and I said yes. I told her where I was going, and she gave me a short life a mile or two down the road, to the entrance to the expressway. So I started walking again, very soon passed under a bridge, where a man was parked doing something with his car. I walked past him and in just a minute or two he had caught up with me, stopped, and asked me, 'Didn't you used to work at Lawson's?' So I got in and he took me all the way to downtown Akron!
And I walked only a dozen or so blocks to my sister's mother in law's house where I was staying at the time, and there was my sister and her husband, just about to leave!
1) It was Christmas Day and very warm, easy to walk in weather
2) A lady who knew me just happened to be driving around looking for her dog, at just the right time to see me, and give me a lift to the expressway
3) A man who knew me just happened to be stopped under a nearby bridge to see me, and give me a lift, the whole distance to downtown Akron!
4) And then, after a short walk got back to my sister's mother in law's house, just in time to catch my sister and brother in law still there!
A lot of wonderful coincidences! Happy serendipity! I'm grateful, and wish I had more! (-:

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