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[+] joke ballot by wildcard

Well as most regulars on here would know by now, poor OLD Grapost managed to get himself frozen from the site a few weeks ago...

Now I'm no fan of Grapost, however it's a tough one with him, because he does make some positive ballot contributions to the website.

I already checked with LCD and he says it's OK for him to be thawed, however it will be his final chance on here.

Question now is: Does anyone else want him back?

Yes, bring him back!
No, leave him in the freezer!

Ballot #131925 :
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merry chrimstmas to you too, elvislennon.

entered by : LCD
Submitted on : Dec 24,2008 8:39:26 pm

Voted : Yes, bring him back!
But leave the freeze ray on high and fully charged.

Voted : Yes, bring him back!
Yes, he's ok. He's just trying to yank LCD's chain. I think LCD made a mistake to freeze him anyways. People always misunderstand him. He makes "provocative" politically incorrect choices and ballots just to get discussion going and to push boundaries. Really, be a little more tolerant people.
Voted : Yes, bring him back!
He makes some great ballots!
"He's just trying to yank LCD's chain."

"I think LCD made a mistake to freeze him anyways"

I made no mistake. He took is "yanking" too far.
by LCD [+]

Voted : Yes, bring him back!
Let me say, ab initio, that I don't like the man's thought processes regarding women, as anyone who knows me can attest to. Unfortunately, I can't judge him by the words he posts fully, because, as a writer, I've tossed out a few things that, if read by the general populace, would brand me a sociopath of the first order. (I'm not, but I do know a few who are more than willing to spin yarns, and I do have a fertile imagination to add into the mix.)

I believe in the First Amendment, as long as it doesn't incite violence or mass mayhem, and several of my closest friends, including a few women, believe that he's not really as misogynistic as he portrays himself. End of the day, it's a Rashomon sitch, different perceptions of the same person in play. Give him the one last chance. (Honestly, I have had reason to think about him a bit of late, seeing several things I know would rattle his cage.)

Voted : Yes, bring him back!
Voted : Yes, bring him back!
He has a few good qualities about him.

And it is the season for forgiving.

Where did you get the picture of lcd?
don,t start.
by LCD [+]

He's been thawed since last night, though it seems that neither he nor anyone else (other than LCD) is aware of it, haha.
Don't start? I've just noticed you've unsuspended your creepy friend. This is nothing, lol.
'By the way, when do we get Grapost back?'
by RunsWithScissors on Sun Dec 14, 08 5:23am

'as soon as he emails me and request reinstatement.

hasn't yet.'

Lol, how's that for a control freak? Why not just un-suspend him and see if he decicides to come back? Noooo, apparently he has to email and beg like a dog. Not gonna happen peeps.

^I don't want to argue with you.
by LCD [+]

Merry Christmas LCD
I didn't know Scrooge was Chinese???
Hey Wildcard. Thanks for the ballot and to everyone who voted for me.

LCD's conscience started bothing him. He knew his action was that a of swine. He's like a petulant little kid.

I felt like a Bush Detainee in Guantanamo. Trumped up charges against me and no right to a legal appeal.

LCD just gave me a delay of my excecution. He'll find another cheap excuse to get rid of me.

Once an intolerant tyrant. Always A Tyrant I say.

This is what he left for me. MAN THIS GUY HAS REALLY THIN SKIN!

Received karma rating of : -5 from LCD
For the Ballot #131718 @
- do not make another ballot about me. I am tired of your unwanted obsessive love ballot

Another Message From GOD!

you've been here longer than most
and have gotten away with more than anyone else.

I will ask you not to spam every ballot with your abusive posts, it's really getting tired. First few times it was funny, now it's just getting pathetic.
LCD ( on 9:59am Dec 03, 2008 |

thank you for reaffirming my thoughts.

you made up my mind for me.
by LCD [+]

please do not defrost grapost.
by LCD [+]

LCD, I sent him a message few minutes ago about his behaviour but I don't think he had time to read it...
Well you've blown it Grapost, I can't get you back now.
merry chrimstmas to you too, elvislennon.
by LCD [+]

Voted : No, leave him in the freezer!
After 4 {or more}years perhaps retiring those grapes is a fine idea.{I can just see him now..all but one mummified finger STILL typing about how life is unfair on one tiny website....}
Well I'm back! Just in time for the holidays 12-19-09

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