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[+] ballot by RunsWithScissors

Bruce Willis
Sigourney Weaver
Harrison Ford
Mel Gibson
Arnold Schwarzenegger
William Holden
Sylvester Stallone
Kurt Russell
Sean Connery
Bruce Lee
Lynda Carter
Tobey Maguire
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sylvester stallone? are you kidding?

entered by : LCD
Submitted on : Mar 28,2009 2:28:19 pm

Voted : Bruce Lee

The One True Sensei.

Voted : Lynda Carter ~Wonder Woman~

Voted : Lynda Carter
sylvester stallone? are you kidding?

by LCD [+]

Voted : Tobey Maguire
For all his milquetoast looks, he is extremely athletic and does alot of his own Spiderman stunts.

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