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[+] serious ballot by Socrates

The proportion of elites in the following groups identified themselves as liberal:

Public interest groups: 91%
Television: 75%
Labor: 73%
Movies: 67%
Religion: 59%
Bureaucrats: 56%
Media: 55%
Judges: 54%
Congressional aides: 52%
Lawyers: 47%
Business: 14%
Military: 9%

(SOURCE: Robert Lerner, Althea K. Nagai, Stanley Rothman, "General Social Survey", 'American Elites', New Haven, Yale University Press, 1996)

Apart from the business and the military, these elites were at almost twice or more times liberal as the American public as a whole.

But there is also the isue of education: "Social science faculties at elite (university) institutions are overwhelmingly liberal and cosmopolitan or on the Left", concluded Stanley Rothman. In a 2001-2002 UCLA survey for instance, of the 32,000 full-time faculty, 48% said they were liberal or far left. (Source: Huntington, S. P., 'Who Are We?', 2004)

So are American elites overwhemingly more liberal than the American public?

I don't know
american elites are far right
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you have 2 groups of people in america, the right, and the far right. usually the more money you have, the more right wing you will be. obviously no rich person wants to redistribute their wealth.

entered by : FLARE
Submitted on : Jun 13,2009 6:40:58 pm

Voted : Yes
It seems so. Apart from business and the military, everything seems to be overwhelmingly more left wing than the American public.

Voted : Comment
Depends on your definition of elite. A lot of people in the US think elite means having pots of money.
mojo- 'Elite' in this ballot is more in reference to power than to wealth.
Voted : Comment
Perhaps they are more enlightened and/or progressive...or unafraid of change...the "general" American public are somewhat akin to sheep in that they can be led and in many cases to satify the interests of others...(IMO)
If there is a vote for 'no', I would like to hear an intellectual critique of the sources in the ballot which suggest otherwise. If not, it appears that some have seen statistics and data that they rejected simply because they didn't like what they imply.
Voted : Yes
Of course, when you have power, it's always easier to spend someone else's money.
Voted : No
They SAY they are. They think it is more cultured to appear liberal, but I think in their private thoughts, they are probaly a lot less liberal than the general public.
Voted : No
The survey you quote is over 10 years old, and took place before the rise of neo-conservatism to power and their labelling of "liberal" as an insult. I would suspect that many of the respondents may have thought the word liberal to mean "Not limited to or by established, traditional, orthodox, or authoritarian attitudes, views, or dogmas; free from bigotry" or even "Favoring proposals for reform, open to new ideas for progress, and tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others; broad-minded" as it is defined in the dictionary. The political connotations may not have been as negatively perceived or overwhelming then as they are now.

I wonder if that survey was held today what the responses would be.

"Identified themselves..."? Ah.
Voted : Yes
Seems so.
Voted : No
I can make a number do anything but have children. I don't doubt your assertion, but the figures themselves.
You are mixing two surveys - The first one is published in a work that is more than 10 years old - and says that the only 25% of the American public (whatever that means) considers itself liberal - THen there is another survey done in 2002 - where 48% of UCLA's faculty considers itself liberal - an overwhelming number - actually I think it is less than half (not overwhelming to me). And if you are comparing to the number from the other survey that says the American public is only 25% liberal, that would be erroneous. The surveys are over five years apart and we can't tell what questions were asked, in what conditions. I don't think statisticians mix and match surveys just to extrapolate the conclusions they want. So my answer is no, based on your preliminary text, I cannot tell if American "elites" are overwhelmingly more liberal than the American public.
Voted : Comment
These are slippery terms with multiple meanings. There are fiscal conservatives, social conservatives and even a few civil liberties conservatives. There are also multiple definitions of liberalism. Also, statistics don't always lie, but are tricky. Hollywood is probably more liberal than Mississippi, but beyond that you have fuzzy logic.
Voted : Yes
Yes but what's wrong with that? They are what they are. Should they change based on whatever the make-up of the populous?
Voted : american elites are far right
you have 2 groups of people in america, the right, and the far right. usually the more money you have, the more right wing you will be. obviously no rich person wants to redistribute their wealth.

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