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These are countries containing the largest measured percentage of people who identify as atheist, agnostic, or non-believer in God. These figures do not necessarily represent the number of people who are identify themselves as "atheists." For example, in Estonia in 2004, 49% of people surveyed said they did not believe in God. At the same time, only 11% of people in the country identified themselves as atheists.

Czech Republic

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Submitted on : Feb 10,2010 6:24:43 pm

My source of information:

I voted 'Sweden' since usually those in the richer countries usually do not attend churches while those in poorer countries do attend.
I barely recall a missionary talking about Sweden being a mission field and he compared how usually how wealth could affect church attendance.

Voted : Japan
this one?
Voted : Russia
This one, Russia, I suppose, as the expressed belief in a god was at one time prohibited there. I would not consider to be atheistic those religions where the main worship is of household "gods", such as in Vietnam.
Voted : Czech Republic
A guess.
Voted : Norway
my guess
by ABC [+]

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Voted : Vietnam
Communism and church don't really go together.
I would not consider Japan and Vietnam to be atheistic because they do believe in their own panoply of gods. I think that being Atheistic does not just mean not believing in the single Judeo-Christian God; it means not believing in ANY God or gods at all. Therefore, pagans or pantheists would not be atheistic because they believe in many gods.
^I think (or hope) they knew that when taking the poll.
Its actually China. China has 600 millions athiests. Thats 6 times larger than all of these countries total population!!! combined!!!!
Countries that have been communist or experienced many wars have a lot of athiests. Only opposite of that I poland which lost a lot of people In WWII but has a 98% Catholic pop.
China is, you dumbass

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