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[+] serious ballot by DfwDude

Should the USA become officially multilingual ?

English only official language
The official American English language is already multilingual

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I was jesting Qui_Qui lol

entered by : passiveson
Submitted on : Apr 29,2011 1:18:48 pm

Voted : English only official language
If you want to live here, make an attempt to learn the language. Sounds fair to me.

Voted : English only official language
In the 1800's, English was decided to be the official language of the USA. It was a toss up between English and German.
Voted : The official American English language is already multilingual
American English is a compilation of many different root sources already. Read your dictionary. As you do you will see quite clearly that the english we speak incorporates sources from french, german, latin, greek, and old english.

As of late, many now english words have been adopted from eastern asia, the middle east, africa, and many parts of russia. In short english is becoming a universal language.

The USA will never become multilingual americans are far to self absorbed to care enough to learn another cultures language. They usually say what passivemoron says as a kind of reasonable plea to nationalism. But it's the english language Passiveprat and we don't want you steenking americans to have it because you can't spell it properly. That and passivepleb doesn't even understand the roots of the english language. Specifically the effect william the conqueror had on english.
quirk99, why are you so bloody hateful to and about passiveson?
Luigi you really dont want to know. He's calmed down a lot over time but he's still an objectional piece of shit. :-) I'm not hateful I'm just honest. You can believe it or not I don't give a shit either way.
{Sniff!sigh} love the smell of conflict!Just let me dust off the oil & singlets.
Sweet Quirk, true colors.
What colours are these then passiveknobcheese? The ones that prove you right? Even when you don't understand the conflict. Luigi you are new here I think. But passive has a history of incomprehensibly vitriolic attacks on other members who disagree with him. Me im just a git for the fun of it but I don't get off on it in the way that passive pervert does. So thats it really. :-)
Luigi, Truth be told, Quirk99 portrayed himself to be a gal on B & W until I outed him, proving him a liar and an uninformed fool. Every since he's been unable to cope with his idiosyncrasies (Quirks lol) or contain his unfounded hatred for the American who exposed him. Hense he hates Americans because he can't live up to my stardard of intelligence or honesty. He's the biggest hypocrit left on the site (cause I single handedly rid us of the pesky varmits) lol
Oops, Hence, before Quirk has a cow(ardly fit) lol
Quirk, I ignore you because arguing wit with an unarmed person is like picking on a retard. I never addressed you at all and Luigi picked up immediately on your unwarranted attacks. So good show mate. True Colors.
He's delusional luigi. Simple truth is this used to be a friends account and she was feamle. Ask the sites owner if you like he knows. Passivemoron never outed anyone nor do people leave because of him. He is even narcissistic enough top believe my dislike of americans stems from him and that he is more intelligent than I am. I mean really how delusional can someone be.

I'm not sure why the dumb son of a bitch thinks Im a hypocrite but it's fairly obvious to anyone he's not wrapped tight.

"(cause I single handedly rid us of the pesky varmits) lol"
What?Why?Many of these folks were interesting .I don't agree with everyone here but I enjoy the variables.Please quit running off anyone who disagrees with you.please.


I was jesting Qui_Qui lol
^ whatever.......
Arent we anyway. I was in San Francisco recently and everything is in english, Korean, Chinese and Spanish. Fine by me. In our town its the same. I think Americas should learn at least 1-2 other languages though. I'm trying to lears Spanish and then I'd love to learn French!
Oh Quirk99 just shut it already! My word you are just a miserable jerk! I'm sorry but you need to hear that. So much negativity in you. It cannot be healthy.
And I dont exactly get along with Passivesons but I have to say that as his views on you are spot on!

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