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[+] joke ballot by fivenotes

So can anyone tell me what cat tastes like?

Urinal cake
Sweet and Sour pork
Depends on the breed
similar to deer meat

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entered by : Applerod
Submitted on : May 20,2011 2:57:55 pm

My co-worker and I were just having a conversation on a similar topic. How do we determine what is ethical to eat? Why are horses taboo but cows aren't. We concluded that it has to do with culture. Cats, dogs, horses have a bond with us in the west but cows haven't. Cows in India would never end up on the dinner plate.

you ever have Arbys? well you already know what it tastes like :P
by LCD [+]

Voted : Depends on the breed
Some breeds are better kept than others.

Most domesticated American and European breeds have their own unique garnishes, that contemporary boutique. Even an alley cat will satisfy an indiscriminate appetite.
However, connoisseurs possess a gradient, often eccentric prevalence for the rare delicacies and exotic enticements in his culinary pursuits.

A succulent Korat, Siamese or Burmese sauteed in it's own natural juices.
Perhaps you'd prefer the Persian in sweet cream sauce? Remember you don't get any tail for dessert.

I recommend you try the cougar. The best bang for the buck (wink wink). It requires the least effort, already prepared, well seasoned and delicately garnished. A little gamy for the average palate, but wild cat is most satisfying to the robust adventurer.

Well, you have another chance now.

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