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it all started with someone from

she thought I was pretty special. enough to look me up after like 6 yrs of absence. She was 28, I was... well beyond middle age.

It didn't last at all, but since then my gfs have gotten younger and younger. I've endured disapproving mumbling from female coworkers and friends, and I've been called names. BAD names.

way it's going, I'm gonna be dating fetuses soon.

trust me, I've heard all the jokes. no need to go there. but trust me when I say it's very hard to meet any singles over 30, and even then they tend to be sarcastic men haters who wouldn't turn their head to spit in my face.

what to do about this situation?

shave head, become a celebate monk
Be happy

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Middle age is supposed to be 50 to 55, I have always heard. Maybe it is higher now that 60 is supposed to be the new 40. 35 is still a youth.

entered by : forgetmenot
Submitted on : Jul 20,2011 5:54:08 am

Be on the lookout for Chris Hansen

FYI never date a fetus. The conversations always seems to center around the abortion issue.
wow chris hanson. how original
by LCD [+]

Voted : Be happy
Travel!I found a great mate working in a candy factory.Totally by surprise~
^^ how sweet :P
by LCD [+]

You're only as old as the woman you feel. I have had a few g/f's who have been up to 20 years younger than I.

They like men who actually know what they are doing in the bedroom

Voted : Be happy
Just ask them to walk a little slower, as the song goes. I think it's wonderful to have a sexy and youthful outlook.

Not all women over thirty are man haters. It is usually the very attractive ones who because of a personality flaw, are left single.

I find that less attractive women (women who don't fall within our society's "ideal") can be more loving and more intelligent, too.

^^ lol, I'm not dating models you know.

I'm far too ugly for that.
by LCD [+]

wait...When does "middle" age happen,like 50??{i hope}

by LCD [+]

Middle age is supposed to be 50 to 55, I have always heard. Maybe it is higher now that 60 is supposed to be the new 40.

35 is still a youth.

haha noway

55 is more like a retirement age.

I think middle age is when people have kids, marriage in doldrums, and they want some new challenges and new youth. 35-40 like.
by LCD [+]

Here's my take on where middle age should be.
0 20~kid
20 40~young
60 80~ old
therefore Im NOT middle aged...yet.

Voted : Be happy
Good luck.

Stop looking for a little bit and see what happens. Go out and buy some nice clothes, look good and strut. Down the sidewalk.

Like John Travlota.

Voted : Be happy
When you really care for someone you don't care what others think.
down the sidewalk?

good way to get mugged :P
by LCD [+]

^ Only if you start busting a move. Keep "in check" and focused. It's all in the hips.
Speaking from experience, men are not really looking for women their own age. It seems that it's more important to have the young chick on your arm instead of someone with whom you have more in common with and could be happy with. Some men hate getting older and they feel that having a younger woman will keep them feeling younger. If you look, men "trade in the old for the younger ones" while women are happy being with their partners.

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