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[+] serious ballot by TheAntidote

Just think of getting to meet the Musician or Musical Artist you worship.

There they are, standing right in front of you, and you are speechless, tongue tied, nervous, trembling and sweating.

Who would that person be?

David Bowie
Jimmy Page
Paul McCartney
Angus Young
Jay Z
Snoop Dog
Willie Nelson
Eddie Vedder
Paul Stanley
Faith Hill
Bruce Springsteen
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Back in the day we would see clips of girls screaming and crying over the Beatles.

entered by : RunsWithScissors
Submitted on : Feb 04,2012 6:30:40 pm

Voted : Jimmy Page
For sure!

I saw an episode of Rock School on VH-1 last year where Paul Stanley of KISS was to coach the band.

He came into the room and walked up to this girl and ahe went into total shock dropped to her knees and started crying because she couldn't believe she was actually in the presence of her hero.

Back in the day we would see clips of girls screaming and crying over the Beatles.
I got to meet Ozzy and the rest of Black Sabbath about 10 or 12 years ago when they put out that reunion CD.
Got their autographs and shook their hands, but was too awestruck to say much
of anything.

Voted : Snoop Dog
he can tell a lot about the prisons.

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