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[+] serious ballot by TheAntidote

You and your friend by lottery tickets all the time. Your friend checks his numbers, but reads them wrong and thinks he didn't win and throws them in the trash.

Later you pull them out and double check them and find that your friend had a million dollar ticket.

Would you keep quiet and keep the ticket.
Give the Ticket to your friend.
Claim it was yours and offer to split it with him.

And be honest you, don't lie about what you would do.

Keep The Ticket And Keep Quiet
Give The Ticket To My Friend
Claim It Was Yours And Offer To Split It With Him
Tell him it was his and split it with him (cuz I found it)
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Friend would get half or nothing. Their call.

entered by : ThisIsNate
Submitted on : Feb 17,2012 8:49:24 pm

Friend would get half or nothing. Their call.

Voted : Keep The Ticket And Keep Quiet
would never let even my shadow know the secret.
Voted : Give The Ticket To My Friend
I'd give it back to my friend. His/her discarding it was the result of a mistake rather than deliberately forfeiting the winnings. Anyone who'd do otherwise isn't a real friend.

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