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Which of these historical figures did that?

Thomas Jefferson
Andrew Jackson
Henry David Thoreau
Charles Darwin
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Jerry Jee Lewis?

entered by : Les6Hithe6Wins6Again
Submitted on : Apr 19,2012 7:48:06 am

Voted : Charles Darwin
And so evolution has it's answer! The inbred survive. No wonder we're called Homo Sapien Sapien. I always wondered why it repeated. lol

I will, of course, refrain from comment until the Quiz_Engine reveals the answer after 10 votes; but, I hope it might initiate a meaningful dialogue. The answer is at your fingertips, no doubt.
Jerry Jee Lewis?
Quiz_Engine Says : The Quiz Answer is now revealed.
Please understand that in no way do I wish to imply by bringing attention to this trivial fact that it either strengthens or weakens the scientist's position(s) on anything. Consanguinal marriage was at one time more commonly accepted than it is today. It may demonstrate another dimension of Charles Darwin the man in showing his devotion to both Emma and his family. Who am I to judge, almost 2 centuries later, these actions and life choices?
^btw--marriage of first cousins is legal in about half of the US States. Both CA and NY are included in that group, and as many Southern and Appalachian states disallow it as not. So no stereotyping please.
'The inbred survive was stated jokingly. In fact, the gene pool is as unpredictable as it is diverse. Inbred or not, every conception generates an interesting, if not musely, amusing set of attributes.

Who's to judge the quality of one set of genes over some other. Bottom line, it's an opinion, not scientifically sound evidence.

The statistic of defective genes (or deficit, decline) in inbreding, is however true.

^agreed. no offense taken, I gathered that it was a joke, and you're free to do that. I've been around for awhile. This is a subject I've addressed before in various ways, but with the same attitude. I am consistent in that.
Einstein was doing the same with his cousin.
According to wikipedia. A LOT of famous people have banged their cousins
Dam your boy went in he went to work

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