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[+] ballot by vitasveritas

Choose the BEST answer from this, the list... Each shares the same commonality with YOUR username:
Lewis Carroll
Richard Bachman
George Eliot
O. Henry
Ann Landers
Abigail Van Buren
George Orwell
Dr. Seuss
Mark Twain
Currer Bell
Ellis Bell
Acton Bell

They were all brilliant?
They were all virtuous?
They were all villains?
They are all pseudonyms?
All of the above

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Yes, L6H6W6A, all pseudos, I'll post their real names now on my blog for anyone interested.

entered by : vitasveritas
Submitted on : Apr 23,2012 3:16:54 pm

imho, a strong argument can be made for "all of the above," although I didn't make that the answer because three of the four others are subjective.

Voted : They are all pseudonyms?
Speaking of Psuedonyms, reveal yourself. I'm not going to be around for awhile and the anxiety is killing me fool.
^passiveson, I did that on the first ballot where you raised the issue. And when I established this current username in the first place, several months back after a LONG absence from the other two.
passiveson, the answer is part of the explanation in this quiz answer. After 10 votes here, your question is answered by Quiz_Engine.
Quiz_Engine Says : The Quiz Answer is now revealed.
Voted : They are all pseudonyms?
I only knew this because Richard Bachman = Stephen King
Yes, L6H6W6A, all pseudos, I'll post their real names now on my blog for anyone interested.
My Niece calls me Uncle Randy...
'My Niece calls me Uncle Randy...'

does she have tears in her eyes when she says it?

Voted : They were all virtuous?
Hint, hint - its a lady thang ;)

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