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[+] ballot by cracked_bulb

I'm talking about political elections. Its said that young people from the ages 18-26 don't vote as much as older people. It might be that people are caring less about who runs this country and don't really care about our country's issues. The percentage of Americans voting has not been high as it was 20-30 years ago. What could society do to encourage voting?

Bring the topic more up in schools
Have celebrities promote candidates
Pay people to vote
Give them the day off and make it easier to vote
Hold elections in HOOTERS restaurants
get better candidates
get rid of jury duty
Fine them if they don't vote.
Show them what's at stake
Free Heinz CATSUP
Free Heinz 57
Jail them if they do not vote
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Get forty-somethings to do commercials on MTV telling the 18-26 crowd that voting isn't cool.

entered by : Psycho_Frighead
Submitted on : May 17,2004 5:42:19 pm

Great question. It's a shame, but I think choice #3. People are motivated by money. Or maybe they could be lured to the polls if there was a free meal involved?

If people don't care enough about the issues to get off their asses and vote, I prefer that they stay home on election day. In some countries, voting is mandatory and the most uninformed of the population drag themselves to the ballot box and guess who they vote for? - the guy with the nice smile, or the one who had the clever commercial on TV. I don't care for the first two choices on your ballot because both teachers and celebrities are almost always liberals and I don't trust them to stay neutral. As for paying people to vote, the kind of person who needs money as a motivatation to vote is the kind of person I'd like to pay to stay home.
The right to vote is no different than the right to freedom of speech, or religion. You are free to exercise it or not, at your own discretion. You can't force people to use their rights.
If having a moron like Bush in office won't do it, nothing will. Maybe free beer.
Bostonian, I also agree that if people aren't educated then they shouldn't vote but, many educated people that could make a difference don't vote either because they are too lazy, they don't have the time, and they think they don't need to vote because they think they already know who is going to win. As for schools, some unbias needs to be done in the education, and teachers may need to show both sides as part of their job.
Get forty-somethings to do commercials on MTV telling the 18-26 crowd that voting isn't cool.
LOL, Frighead, that a great idea, everyone does the opposite of what they say anyway.

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