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if they want a round ticket
If you take up two seats, you pay for two

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you take up 2 seats STOP F@#$ING EATING PEOPLE!!

entered by : Venom21
Submitted on : May 31,2004 8:26:58 pm

It's not fair to other passengers if fat people get 2 for the price of one when everyone else has to pay full price for one seat.
Most fat people are fat due to over eating and lack of exercise. So why should there be any exception for them, after all you are entirely responsible for your own well being considering that you are of sound mind.

Well, if a person is large enough to require an extra seat then they have a severe mental disorder which causes obesity. Just like a mental disorder causes anorexia, which has been recognized as a disease and it's victims have the sympathy of the general public, unlike obese people who are viewed as lazy and ignorant and could change their life if they simply stopped eating. It's not that simple. I know because I used to be that person until surgery and behavior modification gave me my life back. Most people don't realize that it's not just the Jerry Springer, trailer park people who have this disorder. Perfectly intelligent people have it as well. I always purchased an extra seat as to not crowd the person next to me. So, yes, it's a mental disorder and these people need help but at the same time it's not the thin guy sitting next to him/her fault and he should not be made uncomfortable for it. My opinion only :)
Good points Tadema. For a strict economic stand point it is unfair for an overweight person to only have to pay for one seat and recieve two. Personally I hope that the air lines just make seats a little bigger so everybody has more room.

As Tadema has pointed out that some overweight poeple do have a problem and they should recieve help like any other person with a disorder, however there are some Obese poeple who are fat because of life style chooses.

It's greatly effected by anxiety. Much like an alcoholic has to come home and have that drink. Also, compare it to a cigarette. A smoker takes a puff on his work break and he can feel the stress leaving his body. Same with obesity and eating. It's a very poor way of dealing with your anxiety, which leads to more weight gain and less activity, which leads to more food,'s a vicious circle and without finding help (not a diet), mental help and behavior modification, it's almost possible to do. The big difference is an alcoholic can hid it, smokers are, for the most part, accepted...but if you have an eating disorder, it's right out there for everyone to see and believe me, some of the lowest, toothless, ignorant dregs of the human race will come up and tell you that you are fat. "Really Clitus, I didn't know that." :) Compassion and tolerace applys for all...but not when it is infringing on the rights of others so yes....they should buy an extra seat.
Obesity should be treated as a disorder. his would include a better educational program in school to help any kids that feel food as an escape route. But, as a society there should be changes in diet and exercise as a whole.
you take up 2 seats STOP F@#$ING EATING PEOPLE!!
why should the airline companys have to suffer
Fair enough I say. If you take up two seats you should pay for them.

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