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[+] ballot by Cherri

I'm not asking you if you are dating or would date someone of another race, I'm just asking if you stand up for it or not. Is it beauty or abomination?
To me, there is nothing better.

It's a beautiful thing
It's not right

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if all you PC people think everybody is equal, then why do you like inter racial dating so much? surely if we are all equal, it wouldn't matter if the two people were of different race

entered by : Preparation_H
Submitted on : Aug 16,2004 10:08:41 am

There's nothing you can do about it.

Wow, Grapost. You almost sounded defeated there.
Grapost is right, there really isnt anything you can do about it.
It's probably healthy for the race, genetic diversity is a good thing.

Personally I don't care.

Bruce and I are an interracial couple. So are Barbara Baby Cakes and Donny Honey Cakes. As long as we are the same species there is no issue.
It is an excellent tool to use to limit if not eradicate completely the racist garbage and filth in each society.
Who cares. Live and let live. Just by all means stay together if you have kids and support them and get them therapy when this cruel racist world tries to kick their asses.
Other race? There is only one human race: THE human race.
Who WOULDN'T want to fuck all the colors of the rainbow?
Hey Barbara, why dont you comment with just one of your user names? Not only do you comment with your well known user name Barbara_Baby_Cakes but you also comment with one of your other user names/aliases nedrob. Whats up with that?
Why don't you prove that I am Nedrob Mystical, you are so sad you racist piece of trash, prove what you allege...
In fact you genius, why don't go ask LCD if Nedrob and I are one in the same...and by the way, if that is all you can accuse me of, then I am way ahead of you, being that you are a filthy cowardly racist...
MWAHAHAHAHA! Dont get too defensive nedrob.
I'll give some proof below.

1. Its awfully funny how nedrob shows up out of nowhere on the same day as you, I havent seen him for a long time.

2. How does nedrob know you have an interracial relationship?

3. Why did you compliment/comment nedrob after his comments? It looks like you went through commenting with nedrobs name first then came back through with the name Barbara_Baby_Cakes and complimented/agreed with him on every ballot he commented on. Hmmm very suspicious! Not to mention I've seen other people say you have aliases which is obviously true.

A person like you that is/was hated by people needs some extra names to fall back on just in case.
You are so sad, if you were an attorney and listed the so call evidence below to defend your client, in a death penalty case, your client would be dead, like your brain.

My wife and I are friends with Nedrob you cowardly filthy racist.

You are such an idiot...However, think what you will, you just proved yourself as being nothing more than a back woods, septic tank cleaning, booger flicking, retard...You have no idea how much we are laughing at your stupidity...LOOOOOOOL...Hey! we would like to thank you so very much for the laughs...LOOOOOOOOL...

Oh, and by the way...Your new name is, MISTYnighty, LOOOOOOOL...
I don't really support any kind of coupling whatsoever. People should just stay away from each other.
My new name is Mistynighty? Go ahead and call me that. Lets see how fast it catches on. I bet it never does.
How old are you cake face?
No, the question is, how old are you MISTYnighty? You think it is ok to be a filthy cowardly racist and I am here to put your sad and pathetic butt on notice...You will not do it here and get away with it Billy, trust me, you will not. Now, I suggest that your miserable childish hateful butt grow up and begin to treat everyone with respect and maybe and just maybe you will be treated with respect by everyone.
I treat people with respect on this site. If anyone says otherwise, comment on this ballot or in my public messages. And I'm pretty sure LOTS of people know I have racist tendencies so you have not discovered anything new.
Of course, I as multi racial as they get
I don't understand the term "support". It's like do I support someone buying a ham sandwich. Who cares?
BBC they are irritating bastards ain't they? MK that sounds very similar to the observation that I was giving another user yesterday, I think they are some people who have way more than one user name though its almost obvious and this is like my second week.
I don't see anything wrong with interracial dating as long as there isn't any underlining prejuidice that goes along with it.
Meaning that a person of the other race doesn't only want to be with you because of some rumors they may have heard.
if all you PC people think everybody is equal, then why do you like inter racial dating so much? surely if we are all equal, it wouldn't matter if the two people were of different race
The answer to your question be obvious but if it isn't too bad.
Remember when I was f**kin' Brooke Shields? Owwwww! You whiteys were going out of your minds, cha'mone. I'm a bad, white women-knocking up motherf**ker, Eeeeeeee hee.
IMO, it is moot ... race is incidental compared to compatibility/love. Shouldn't be a pro or con, in itself.
I support the coupling bit....
People, people! This ballot was NOT intended for such foolishness! I am dissapointed in all of you who have argued here! Save the drama and take it somewhere else, but not here or anywhere on B&W!! :(
Cherri you can't possibly be surprised by this.
Of course I support the idea. I fail to see the problem -- if there's romantic love, go for it.
I really don't care.Why people make such a huge issue out of it
It's disgusting how that choice is ahead. Peoples minds are more closed than I originally thought.
Why as an interracial couple do you feel its an issue?
If I don't, then my marriage has been a complete sham.
Oh, and, for the 22 people who so far said, "It's not right," I'd sincerely like to invite you to go f**k yourselves. That may be all the company you'll have this week.

The rest of you are O.K. with me.

i don't care if they are dating a differnet species from outer space. As long as 2 people are happy together, I think everybody should support them, or at least accept them as a coupe=le.
by LCD [+]

Amen to that Lcd :-)
Couldn't have said that better myself LCD.
Bravo LCD! Now if I can find me one of those busty, green chicks like the one Captain Kirk nailed on Star Trek.
Birds of a feather mean anything?
If there is anyone against it please explain why it matters to you.
Seriously. I'd fall over and die if there was 1 LOGICAL reason why interracial couples aren't right.
AND it provides me with the needed ethnic diversity to insure my plans of world domination (YES, they're back on :) )...
I can't believe the majority of the people on this website have nothing against it.
I do not support interracial coupling. It's just as bad as all the other kinds of coupling.
I know Deepvoice. It gives you hope. I love when things like this happen.
There is nothing more erotic that white flesh going into a darker flesh or vice versa.
I don't honestly care.
These results are fucking disgusting. Probably a lot of racist American voters.
I prefer to date people of the same race as me but overall i am supportive of interracial relationships.
It's legal, some won't be happy until it's compulsory.
Yes, I am a product of that.
You've been nothing, but a racist prick all along, so don't try to sound open-minded now.

Yes theres nothing wrong with it love knows no boundries. Anyone who disagrees is a racist asshole.
Holy shit. I thought the human race had advanced further than this. Most people don't support it? I personally am usually not attracted to people of other races but I don't see anything wrong with it. It's about love and nothing else. I once dated someone of a different race for a short period of time and I would do it again in a heartbeat.
okay by me
Tatjana is a racist.
I would say that I am not for it or against it. I believe people should live the lives they choose to. There are definately certain hurdles that many times have to be overcome when two people of different races get together. Such as: culturally different viewpoints, family history, simple racism, sometimes religious differences, identity issues for the children(mommy am I white or asian? black or indian?...). But luckily many of these problems are being overcome with love, compassion and courage. We are quickly becoming more of a global society and have less destinct racial and cultural bounderies seperating us. I personally tend to veer toward people of similiar background and values...these people are usually of my race, but I am not opposed to finding someone, anyone, of another race if they are right for me.
I have nothing against it.But I don't go out of my way and support it either.It's an individual thing.Somre people are just attracted to something different.And what is wrong with that?
Personally I voted It's not right, but not because I don't think other people should do it, they can if they want to, it doesn't bother me. No, the reason I voted its not right is simply because I don't find people of other races attractive, maybe it is something in my genes, or just my upbringing, whichever it is, I hope this doesnt make me a racist. What do you think?
It's all only skin deep... It's the people inside who count, so I don't understand what the big hoo-ha is on here.
by zig [+]

The results of this poll have utterly reaffirmed my misanthropy.
You should have added an extra choice called "Other" (explain). I agree with it when certain races mix with others. There are some combos I disagree with.
Interracial dating is laughable. It's an ugly sight and rarely works. Stick to your own race, you wannabe, that's what I'm telling to those phukkerz.
it is not genetically good.... and if it keeps going like this we'd all look like ugly orientals
AWWWW ain't this sweet!
Fuck all youliberal do gooders what a bunch of phony wanna be accepted sanctimonious ASSHOLES!

"and if it keeps going like this we'd all look like ugly orientals"

Don't worry, all of the other orangutans at the zoo will still think you're the cutest of their species. Plus, you can type! Brains and hairy beauty to match!

Lets get a few things straight here.

1) If you would not have relations with someone simply because of their skin colour that is ignorant, and you should open your mind. Though i do understand that there are a number of external factors such as " what would your parents think" and " am i going to get beaten up by her family" etc that could also put you off.

2) On the other hand if you simply do not find people of other races attractive that is not racist. That is simply a preference and what right does anyone have to dictate your love/ sexual preferences to you? None what so ever.

3)Im not sure if the " coupling" mentioned in the ballot description referred to REPRODUCTION, but people seem to have made it an issue so here goes..

1) Interacial reproduction is genetically healthy, but not MORE healthy than people of simliar races reproducing, as long as they are not distantly related. If you compare interacial reproduction with HILLBILLY reproduction then yes it is more healthy :)

2)Though Interacial reproduction is healthy it is not necessarily DESIRABLE. This is partially related to what PARTICULAR races are mating. For instance though i could LOVE a black women, i would have a small niggling doubt about having children with her. Simply because the black skin colour gene is dominant, thus my children would be largely unrecognisable as related to me. Not ideal. I want my children to look like me to some degree.

This probably wouldnt stop me though to be honest.

But i do believe there is an argument for the individuality of racial features being lost through interacial reproduction.

An example of this is the Irish gene for Red hair being bred out by mating with briown hairs ( brown hair being the dominant gene )

This is a real shame as red haired women can be STUNNING,the red hair gene will become EXTINCT within the next century or two. This is definently a case AGAINST interacial reproduction. On the other hand some half caste children can be BEAUTIFUL, so i think it is healthy that there are people on this site who are against and for Interacial reproduction, a balance is required.

So interacial Reproduction has its good and bad points.

The choice is yours ...

My interracial marriage failed but we got a beautiful daughter out of it.
Absolutely, otherwise how could I justify fucking a cow each night?
by no1 [+]

i like thai women.
hmmm... im half white and half mexican and my bf is full mexican does that count as interracial dating?
All races should mix untill there is just one race.
NO NO NO Goyim! That would be horrible, everyone would look the same.

I want to fuck girls of ALL different races, not a bunch of girls who all look kinda the same.

How boring would that be?!

I'd like to watch
People who voted "It's not right" are racist
Interracial coupling, you mean like Kermit and Ms. Piggy?
As long as the 2 people are in it for each other, not to run from their own people.
I think God probably wants us to all blend until we look like one race. We wouldn't all look alike - not all biracial people look alike (even though that's a misconception). Plus, there would be a whooooooooole lot more to blend than just black and white. We would all be multiracial. I really think that's one of the 'tests' that God is waiting for people to pass before the End. I still would have to date/marry/reproduce for love. Not just because a person looks any particular way.
286 'It's not rights
Wow, I'd suspected you guys were mostly morons but now I'm sure of it.. I guess I'll stick around to pick on the idiots until I get suspended by some short bitter pasty-skinned man :p
by Jyl [+]

** karma **
then i suppose no human should date roofdog
Anyone who feels interracial dating is wrong is racist.
Now that the minority middle class is exploding, more of them are leaving their exclusive neighborhoods and moving to the white suburbs.

The result is teenage minorites can find few if any of their own kind to date in these communities.

The natural result of this is that they're going to date outside their race. They don't have much of choice.

I you were white and and grew up in an all Black neigborhood and attended and all Black school system, the rate of interacial releationships would rise just base on those cicumstances.

It's just like dogs. They prefer to mate with their own kind, but in a situation where their are none available, they'll mate with whatever is around them.

obviously the same short fat gun-licker has come back and voted No almost two hundred times. That or most people voting here are uptight pigs who can't face reality.

by Jyl [+]

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