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religion :
[+] ballot by BigDaddy6911111

This one time a missionary came to my house to represent Judism. Guess what he told me? He told me that "Jews are sent from god to complete a mission on Earth". After that I told him to turn around so I can kick him out of my house. I got real pissed off. So, do you get pissed off when people tell you that Jews are gods children? In my religion EVERYONE is equal and are equal before god.

Yes, I get pissed off.
No, they really are gods children.
I hate jews blah blah blah...
Jews never knocked on your door
i don't hate..hate is not a family value
Jews are the children of Yahweh, Not the Real GOD.
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Barb_Dwyer pretty much sums it up. Missionary, he had all these holy books and he was trying to sell! I was like, what the hell, holy books are suppose to be free I think.

entered by : BigDaddy6911111
Submitted on : Aug 24,2004 4:21:40 pm

Barb_Dwyer pretty much sums it up. Missionary, he had all these holy books and he was trying to sell! I was like, what the hell, holy books are suppose to be free I think.

I never encountered missionary representing judism either, I wonder if that really happened or just a good topic to use to criticize judism,guess we will never know.
Anonymous, if you have ever read the Taldum you'd see all the hate toward others it's full of. As for them being above all. Well that's a big pile of shit that should be shoveled out.
Jews do believe they're better than the common person. Otherwise they wouldn't feel justified occupying Palestine. And the talmud most certainly does have racist comments in it. A simple internet search on "talmud" can show you that.
they believe it is their right to be in israel, as israel once was the the jewish state, i'm not saying what happened with palestine is right, using that theary, un should tell the people of the america's to leave because native americans are the true owner of the land, same with australia and many other lands the europeans colonized.
Jesus was a jew, and most christians agree that jews are the chosen one, if for no other reason , for that, god chose a jew to give birth to his son.

I'm not siding with one side or the other, simply trying to explain why people think as they do, and bigdaddy only made that ballot to bring more hate toward jews, I really do not believe a jewish missionary knocked on his door. The quran is filled with hate toward jews and christians , a simple internet search will prove that.
and Bible says if you do not believe Jesus as saviour you will not enter heaven. So all religions make claims to be better than others, or use phrases that imply that, IE, kill all the jews
IE, accept jesus as your saviour or not enter kingdom of heaven
IE, we have the biblical right to be in Israel.

There is no hate in the Qu'ran for Jews and Christians. The verses that guy put on here were
referring to wartime. It doesn't mean we're supposed to slay a Jew because he's walking down the street. If anyone truly believes in his heart that Islam tells people to kill Jews who are walking down the street belongs in a mental institution.

But the Qu'ran does allow us to fight wars with Christians and Jews, not Muslims. However, if they offer peace, we cannot legally fight them under the law of the Qu'ran. But if not, war is allowed. Does it mean we force them to convert?? No. But if they make the first move, we have every right to fight with all our power against them.

Perfect example: The Christians' holy Crusade. They fought us because we were muslims so we fought back and won. There were no forced conversions, none of that.

Horrible example: World Trade center attacked. Thousands of innocents, including women and children died.
Although one can see the reasons why the trade center was attacked, it was not an act of Islam.(although it was claimed to be.)

Oh and back to the poll question; since when did God have children?? What retard came up with the idea that the all-powerful infinite unlimited master of the universe could have a kid? Then to top it of, the kid actually was God, and he had to be killed by his "chosen people" to save the world. I think God could save the world much easier than that.
spirit of truth, it is not for us to question why god does things. who are you to ask that question
spirit of truth- the fact that your quran singles out jews and christians and makes that comment about "killing jews behind a rock", shows that you feel your faith is superiour. and you look down on jews. so believe what you want, but don't be hypocritical and say your faith believes everyone is equal.
don't hate people for anything Big daddy
I don't know if its in the quran or where, but the belief of most muslims is that their faith is one to follow and anyone elses will go to hell. That's ok, Christians and Jews also feel this way about their faith, My point was, all religions think theirs is the one for the key to heaven. That itself shows none of us really think everyone on earth is equal Spiritually.
I have total respect for muslims, jews, christians pegans and whoever else a person decides to worship or not to worship,
But the problem with Judaism(The impure form, with degrading talmud/rabbonical sayings incorporated in the belief) is that it discriminates based on race. It is bad to do such and such with Jews, but ok with non-jews, etc.

I am not anti-semetic, and I have Jewish friends.(My personal problem are the Zionist Jews and their supportors, in large part because of its negative role in the American government, and the displacement of the Muslim population in Israel.)

But the state of Israel cannot be justified by any religion. Although Christianity likes to, Religious Muslims and religious Jews know that the state of Israel is against God's will. This is specifically stated in the talmud, and that is really the foundation of the Jewish Messiah.

HE will be the one who reunites the righteouss Jews in Israel. The talmud states that any human involvent in establishing an Israeli state will prolong the Jewish suffering, and will also prolong the coming of the Messiah.

So personally, I cannot see how parts of the world support Israel.

From a religious standpoint, it is bad in all aspects. The very religion of the people who inhabit the land say that the land itself is prohibited!! Even in a nonreligious viewpoint, the violation of human rights alone is enough to discredit it.

spirit_of_truth, I'm not going to pretend I know what is said in the talmud says or dosen't say, I'll do some research. But in the mean time, "can't we all just get along?"
We can definitely get along, we're all family here right?(LOL)
Voted : i don't hate..hate is not a family value
The Jews never claimed to be God's children and above it all. So your question is really a disguised lie.
Voted : Jews never knocked on your door
Jews don't proselytize their religion. Their are no Jewish missionaries. And what God chose them for was to be hated, abused, lied about, gassed, fried and rejected. And still they remain Jews. Is this what you would like for your own self?

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