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[+] ballot by mojo

This has to go in the 'truth is stranger than fiction' category. O'Reilly, of the Fox network, is a moralist who has lectured about too much sex in pop culture. He is being sued by an employee for sexual harassment. She alleges that would call her and talk about sexual fantasies, masturbation and vibrators while sometimes loudly pleasuring himself. He has dropped his counter-suit against the woman, and his lawyers have advised him to settle with her out of court (apparently she has him on tape).

Plans to promote his new children's book have been put on hold. O'Reilly has said, "Please do not believe everything you hear or read." Not from you, Bill, that's for sure.

Ironic as hell.
I don't think it's ironic.
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entered by : mojo
Submitted on : Oct 29,2004 4:45:36 pm

Utterly barf-inducing. I made a ballot earlier about O'Really? but it disappeared, somehow. Perhaps I wasn't logged in or something equally silly.

by zig [+]

Very ironic. Is it true that Bill is going to add a new chapter to his children's book entitled, "Stay Away from Dirty Old Men like Me"?
More irony - the ratings for his show have gone up hugely since the scandal broke. Yech!
It's the old double-standard: You don't be mean to girls, but I will.
maybe he has seen the error of his ways
mojo, you know that you can't talk about that now. According to CourtTV, the matter is now considered "legal fiction", meaning that it NEVER HAPPENED. With that said, I wonder- do you think that he listed HIMSELF in the bibliography as a source?

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