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[+] ballot by Kaiser

I've noticed this new trend recently. Whenever someone should say 'white power' they instantaneously get a racist label and that's ok with me 'cause in a way it is; KKK used it as a taunt.

But what isn't ok is that when ever someone says Black power (whether it's to be racist or not) they're labeled heros fighting for a good cause in an attempt to fight off the white man's opression, etc...

Political Correctness
Not sure
Comment below
because it be racimicist
Because were over-politically correct
Because white people are 'haters' or something
Underdog Shit
because of intimidation and not admitting that saying Black Power is truly racism
because you're a whiny bitch and need to stop complaining about the double standard.
Say Asian Power, Hispanic Power, Caucasian, or Jewish Power instead.
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double standard

entered by : thc2883
Submitted on : Jun 05,2005 11:03:05 pm


"I've noticed this new trend recently."

I take that back, it's been a trend for quite a while.

I'll call it hypocrisy (sp?). I missed that particular era by a few years of paying attention but, looking abck at it, I see most of the "Black Power" advocates as little more than thugs and criminals. Doctor King, John Lewis and men such as them did more for Blacks during that stretch than the militant movement ever did. And again, I can't quite grasp this sense of powerlessness that some Whites seem to feel today. Go to a department store, anyone who feels this way, and take a Black friend. See who gets tagged for notice by store security first. Or take that friend for a drive on the Jersey Turnpike, and be prepared to experience the full effect of the NJ State Police. Bottom line- you may FEEL disposessed, but you've got more in the bank than you know.
And I haven't heard anyone use the phrase "Black Power" in years. I thought it was a relic of the 60's.

And I don't think you are a racist for bringing this up. It's an interesting question, actually.

^ wow, im having my first lucid dream!
Blacks are better than Europeans are.
Well crank, black panthers used that slogan and called for murdering whites, I guess by your logic the phrase 'black power' should be considered racist? Or does your standard only apply to whites?
Personally I think both are stupid, saying one is fine while the other is racist is blatant hypocrisy. But either way, being proud of your race is not a rational thing to do. You can be proud of your culture, to a degree, and proud of your own personal accomplishments. But being proud of proud of the amount of melonin in your skin? No, that's just dumb.
Of course it's racist. All color-based chest thumping is racist. "Me bettah than you. No, me bettah than YOU. Ug." So f*ckin' knuckle-draggingly neanderthal.
Why do people still bother with these divides anyway? It's all so retarded. We should be beyond such petty distinctions in the 21st century. There will always be differences between different races and cultures, but the differences are to be celebrated, surely, not feared or despised.
by zig [+]

It would be an extremely bland and boring world if we all looked, acted and thought the same way.
by zig [+]

^Sounds like you just described the politically correct view of the world.
double standard
Nope... for me it's the truth. People are people, regardless of color.
by zig [+]

Cletus: The PC view of the world would be the one where society would be comprised of identical coffee-colored clones, all buying the same heavily advertised products, listening to the same music, driving exactly the same cars and wearing the same clothes. Now THAT would be boring.
by zig [+]

Zig: isn't that basically what you described earlier?
Cranky, fighting anti-black racism with anti-white slogans is no different than being the black KKK. It's still wrong. I was going to mention the Black Panthers but herzog did it first. Trust me, there still are "black power" organizations and the media does glorify them. Maybe I'm wrong.

Europeans are better than RogueZealot.

herzog: No. That would be the stuff of nightmares. Diversity is what keeps life interesting, to me at any rate.
by zig [+]

"Black power" chants are nothing old. My school for example has dozens and dozens of brainless morons who discriminate against whites for no reason at all. Writing pro-Black Panther slogans on school property is a regular. And unfortunately there are white people who join them: the suck ups who like to pretend they're black because whites won't give them any attention.
As you say the words "white power" signify some sort of hatred and "black power" is an assertion of rights that those who say white power have tried to deny.

Political correctness RESTRICTS diversity of opinion, speech and actions. If you like diversity then you DONT like political correctness


"The PC view of the world would be the one where society would be comprised of identical coffee-colored clones"

So do you disagree with interracial breeding then? as this would inevitably be the result

No, I have to disagree there is on some level a degree of positivity associated with "black power" whereas with "white power" it is simply racist thugs who love to brutalize everyone: Jews, Catholics, Irish, "furingners", Blacks, Asians, "mud people" mixed race etc. You get the point. The same thing applies to those that burn crosses on grass: they are neanderthals. It is not a double standard just over 40 years since the Civil Rights Act to stand up and say be proud of what you are, because you didn't chose it and you ain't going to change it.

For so long, blacks were pushed down, not held back, that caused an inferiority complex and this is a legitimate way to address that.

I don't see anything wrong with being proud of your race and saying it. There is a difference between being proud and being a biological racist which I think is the diference embodied by the terms "black power" and "white power".

I am not white, but I think that using the term "white" to lump all fair-skinned people together is demeaning and a little bit racist. It assumes that there is some common origins that share some sort of common cultural and linguistic identities. To me it is like saying all Asiatic people are Chinese. Or to say that there is no fundamental difference between a dark skinned person from Egypt and a dark skinned person from South Africa. Clearly there are differences. Inside everyone is the same but that is hardly the point.

To say that there is basically no difference between a Czech and a Irish is plainly stupid. There are plenty of differences. Now it is more difficult to make that comparison with those of Wales and those of Ireland or Scotland, but even in those cases there are significant cultural and linguistic differences even among the Celtics of all three countries.

Because the scheming blue-eyed devil be tryin' to keep a proud Nubian brotha down.

Seriously, what do you expect? The 'White Entertainment Television' channel showing the 'Miss White America Contest' where the winner gets a scholarship from the 'White College Fund'?

No. But i dont expect to see the " BLACK entertainment television" channel showing the Miss BLACK America contest where the winner gets a scholarship from the BLACK college fund either.

One rule for ALL or no rules at all please.

blacks are savages
It's not racist to say White Power as long as you're not saying it for racist reasons.
What I mean is, it's okay to take pride in being white (or any other race) but it's not okay to hate races other than your own...
i guess cranky did not see the new black panther group saying black power over and over. White people in this country are suppose to just shut up and take it. We need to speak up just like they do.
Voted : because you're a whiny bitch and need to stop complaining about the double standard.
If people want to say white power, or black power who cares. Honestly if they want to be ignorant than let them. Quit having a superior attitude and quit being a whiny bitch. you're making the rest of us look bad
Voted : Comment below
Steps through history, given beliefs due to KKK, whites were racist at one time, change to equal rights, pride develops in black population.
It's overlooked to keep peace.

This is ABSURD! There are those who say Black Power sure with malicious intent, but the ORIGINAL meaning and creation of the word was meant to only envoke a sense of being proud of your heritage as a BLACK PERSON. What the Blank Panthers did was out of anger--which was justifiable, blacks were being lynched, set on fire, spit on, mistreated ALL because of their color of their skin by whites with racism and malice in their heart. What was not justifiable was that for some blacks, they allowed that anger to grow into bitterness and that bitterness consumed them and grew into hate. The Black Panthers originally were meant to be defenders against the law helpless blacks to the racists whites and KKK. However, the mission lost it's stand and grew to become just like the very organization--the KKK--they had initially wanted to protect themselves from. Which was fair, the want to protect themselves from Racial attacks by the KKK and other white militants, but it then turned into a mission to show bigotry and violence towards whites. It is important to note, that the Black Panthers, never used violence against innocent unassuming whites, but they used violence against those of the KKK, or other openly racists whites. However, violence is violence and hatred is hatred.

But for whites stop making this a thing that all blacks hate you because you feel some level of guilt or disdain for being associated with the racists acts of your ancestors. I'm black and understand the difference.

Don't demean the term black power and try to equate it to the likes of white power. Because White power was a term coined by the KKK to advocate the suppression, hatred, violence, and continuous contempt of blacks. Black Power was ORIGINALLY meant to only stand as a phrase to encourage blacks to not hate who they are because of their skin color, or their hair texture; but to embrace their ethnic features, culture, and who they were as a people group.

THAT IS THE DIFFERENCE. The origin of the phrase.

The difference is in the origin of the word and it's meaning.

White Power was used to spread a White Supremacist--KKK agenda. It was used to continue the promotion of contempt, violence, and both political and social inequality against Blacks.

Black Power was ORIGINALLY and still for a very large part, is used to create a sense of pride in the color of a black person's genetic makeup (skin, hair type) and cultural background. You don't believe me? I'm a black biracial woman, and I am still made sometimes to not feel as beautiful as a white woman because my hair is curly and not straight, I look in magazines and they only show white hair products, and the majority of the models are white. The women mainly promoted in the media are white, if not blonde blue eyed. On a subconcious level, though I am happy with who I am, it does make you at times feel like you can't be viewed as beautiful. And a lot of times, with the large stereotypes placed upon black women, men of other races won't even look are way. I have NATURALLY LONG hair, dark eyebrows, dimples, naturally long eyelashes--people often wonder if I'm a latina or part italian actually--but I'm black. But no matter that, most white men, or asian men wouldn't give me the time of day because I'm not the "ideal" fair skin, blonde, blue eyed, waffed thin white woman. So when I hear and when I say Black Power it is a word to ENCOURAGE ME to be CONTENT with who I am and what I've been given.

Futhermore, I would never use it with malice intent, and to speak violently against whites; because even though it seems like their are a lot of white racists in America, their are so many kind, loving hearted white people in this country and the world.

The difference is in the origin of the word and it's meaning.

White Power was used to spread a White Supremacist--KKK agenda. It was used to continue the promotion of contempt, violence, and both political and social inequality against Blacks.

Black Power was ORIGINALLY and still for a very large part, is used to create a sense of pride in the color of a black person's genetic makeup (skin, hair type) and cultural background.

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