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simple yes or no, americans only please. world focus on another ballot


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Pretty good insurance, but only because mom works for uncle sam.

entered by : thc2883
Submitted on : Jun 09,2005 9:58:41 pm

I do, but have gone without it for a few years before. Unfortunately, I think some will say "no" to try to further their agenda. In reality, anyone with a computer(or who works on a computer) probably has a decent enough job to give them health-insurance.

Just for a few months as my job was just outsourced.

I have to because I have a wife and three kids. When my job was outsourced (to Canada and then to India), I got a job with no coverage and had to pay over $800 per month to stay on the C.O.B.R.A. plan. I'm lucky that I found a job that has coverage (for now).
Now? Yes. But it changes every few years when I have to change jobs.
yeah, that corba plan would have been a lifesaver for me. Murphy's law dictates that only time you really need insurance is when you do not have it handy. The prospective employers use to pick up cobra plan payments as a new hire, but I guess it depends on which field you are in.
by LCD [+]

Of course.
yes, it is an HMO and it is half-@$$ and a joke!!( and my doctor is a rude douchebag!)
good ballot, by the way!!
yes my dad and I have health insurance
Yes, thank god.
Why would you have an 'agenda' about health insurance? In the U.S., our medical system is the 'best in the world', right? But if you can't afford it, what good does it do?

I have health insurance now, and I'm a hardworking middle-class American, but I pay $3000/year for catastrophic coverage. Checkups, medications NOT INCLUDED. This is just 'peace of mind' money. It's putting me in the poor house.

Pretty good insurance, but only because mom works for uncle sam.
yes, the best in our area. 100% paid by my job, vision and dental, too. so tell me i need my taxes to pay for a lesser plan, and i'll tell you where to go.
you wouldn't happen to work for the government, would you JohnnyReb?
hahaha no, lightreaper, its paid by my job, not by taxpayers. i'm union :)
Yes, and it is good.
I buy my own insurance because I was self-employed until last week. Now I can join my employer's plan, and their best option is basically the same as my old plan, only more expensive for me.
I'm betting your union depends on the coercive force of government. What industry are you in?

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